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How Do I Find a Good Therapist?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to try seeing a therapist. I am in a desperate situation financially and I am all alone in the world. My parents died and my elder brother changed the will right before my mom died, so I am in a really bad place.

My younger brother and I had always gotten along pretty well. He had promised me that he didn’t want any money from my parents’ estate, but he went back on his word, and hasn’t helped me at all. So my relationship with him is strained. But I do feel that my brother is my only hope, unfortunately. I would like to try to repair our relationship by seeing a therapist together (online, because he is in another state). I think that I really need someone else to stress to him just how desperate I am. If he doesn’t help me, I will become homeless, and I know I could never survive that. I have no other options.

I have tried to find a therapist who takes Medicaid in my area, but they all seem to have waitlists. It was hard enough just to make that call or write that email, but then to hear that they weren’t even accepting new patients was so disappointing. My money isn’t going to last much longer.

Should I just try to find a therapist online? What is the best online resource to find a therapist? Would calling a local crisis line help any with referrals? I was surprised to learn that many therapists around here aren’t even seeing patients in person due to COVID. I think I would like to see someone in person, but maybe online would also work? I really don’t know what to do. The idea of talking to a therapist via Skype or whatever seems kind of impersonal. Has anyone here tried this? Thanks for any advice.
Would calling a local crisis line help any with referrals?
I'm not sure. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, but I think in general the crisis lines avoid giving advice. You may want to try calling 211 though. I think they can give you referrals to therapists that would accept Medicaid. They may also be able to help with housing, employment, and benefits.
The idea of talking to a therapist via Skype or whatever seems kind of impersonal
It's not ideal, but you may not be able to see a therapist otherwise.
my elder brother changed the will right before my mom died
I wish there were a way to get him to pay up what he owes you. What he did is disgusting.


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I am so sorry that you are struggling so much and that your brother is acting as he is about your mother's estate without realizing the serious financial impact it is having on you. Though i know this may not be the direction you want to go and understandably so, I wondered is there any way to perhaps have a pro-bono attorney review the estate documents to see if maybe something could be done to address this if you find you need to?

In terms of finding a therapist perhaps you could call your GP as she/he might have a recommendation or know the best avenue to find one for where you are. Also there may be others here who have suggestions for finding an online therapist so I encourage you to keep posting.

For myself since covid I have had phone appointments which I admit is not the same as being in person. As I find that I have to work harder at expressing my thoughts/feelings into words rather than having my therapist "read" my body language etc. In a strange way, I think it simultaneously is forcing me to verbalize more at the same time it is easy to gloss over things as well if that makes sense.

Sending you a multitude of *hugs

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