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How do I get better?

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How do I get out to see my old friends more? I am lost. I've become recluse and avoid interactions. Then I stick iPod in my ears listening to downloaded audio books in large portions of my spare time. I work the minimum amount to get by and break even. My soul for vibrancy feels like it's dead lots of time. Food tastes less good than before. I bounce back and forth between "I CAN DO IT, WHATEVER IT IS" to "I FEEL LIKE AND AM CRAP". I spend significantly more time in the latter, and just claw out to the positive in brief bursts. Randomly. I feel like my social network has collapsed and I've orchestrated it. I've been a shy guy most my life. A year ago a positive role model in my life and I split ways, we both outgrew our shared job together, we we're both getting sick there. Without this shining role model I feel I'll never recover.



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My advice only applies if you are willing to make yourself uncomfortable, and you WILL be uncomfortable at first.

I have dealt with this myself, and I have known people who have done this with great success.

BEFORE this becomes crippling for you, you absolutely must do that which you do not necessarily want to do....SOCIALIZE.

If you are anything like I, then you were once social, but now you just do not have the desire to be so.

It seems to me that you were once a social, semi-outgoing person. And you had a great time, right? But now you have become complacent, "happy" to just sit and "be".

This is not who you are. Call your friends (even, and especially if it goes against your instincts). Start going out again. It is so easy to convince yourself that it is easier to just sit around doing your own thing. It seems comfortable, but something is wrong.

Your friends will be happy to have you back in their lives (even if it's just for dinner, drinks, hanging out, etc.). Once you start FORCING yourself (and you may have to literally force yourself) to socialize, you will begin to feel that exhileration that only comes from being with people.

Like I said, it's not easy at first, but you WILL start to feel like yourself again (probably even after the first time you go out).

Please do this before you become a true recluse. It makes all the difference :) Really.
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