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How do I get help? UK

I have anxiety, depression and benzo addiction issues. I've been on a few different medications that do not help and had therapies but they didn't work. I've called the crisis line and they are a bunch of useless cunts. Are there any options besides suicide left?


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Have you tried the Samaritans? I have had great chats with them, I dunno if that is the line you previously called?

Have you spoken to your doctor about your addiction? I just did a bit of searching, there are resources listed here; https://www.suicideforum.com/community/resources/ many UK ones.

I am sorry you are in this state of mind but welcome and I hope you find being here helps you. Help IS out there, just do not give up and fight for your right to be treated well and with dignity.
Hi. I'm sorry you are having a tough time.

I'm sorry you haven't had much success with medication or therapy yet. Medications work differently for every person and you may still be able to find a medication that works for you. Furthermore, therapy may still be able to help you if you find a type of therapy (there are different types like cognitive behavior therapy, art therapy etc.) and a therapist you like and works well for you. There are still options for treatment that might help you.

I'm sorry you are frustrated with helplines. However, there are other ways to share your feelings, get advice and vent - namely, here. I much prefer this forums to a helpline; you have time to compose your thoughts and share them in a safe place.

And to address the last question, suicide is never the only option and there is always hope for things to get better for you. However, believe me, I know it can be difficult to see that when you are feeling suicidal.

I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *hug10.

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