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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sufferinginsilence, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. I was planning to tell my psychiatrist the truth about how I really feel and what I think about doing to get treatment at a hospital but I won't now after reading other people's horror stories. I had my own bad experience at the ER earlier this year. I regretted telling my therapist the truth. A voluntary stay turned into an involuntary section. I was on a cot in the hallway for hours because no rooms were available. I received no meds even for my physical problems like diabetes and hypertension. One nurse was a bitch and treated me roughly. The doctor said I would be restrained if I tried to leave. I realized I had lost my freedom because of a bad decision. Luckily at the last moment my wife who is an RN was able to sign me out with promises for aftercare. I was terrified and glad to get out of there.

    So I have been having real bad thoughts lately and decided to get treatment but what do I tell my psychiatrist without getting hauled off to the psych ward? How do I get proper care and the right medication that will help me? Where do I draw the line without getting locked up against my will?
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    I don't think that your psychiatrist would send you to the psych ward unless you were an immediate threat to yourself or others. I know that mine wouldn't. My local psych ward is really nice and I actually didn't mind being there, but realize that they all aren't that nice. I always tell my psychiatrist about my suicidal feelings and she doesn't send me to the hospital. I've already been to the hospital twice within the last few years and it didn't do me any good. I know it scares you but it's really in your best interests to be honest with your psychiatrist to get proper treatment.
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    In my case outpatient treatment has been much more effective.

    While my hospital stay wasn't nearly as bad as yours I can relate to the whole not having any freedom and the anxiety that came with that.

    I was refered to a place afterword.

    If there is a specific thing you are looking for (CBT, DBT, or something) you could ask. You could say straight up that the hospital was horrible and you want to be able to go to treatment, then go home to those comforts.

    Some places offer group therapy of different types. While it is anxiety provoking to start, it was worth it in my case. I learned a lot... and in some places it is a lot more accessible than individual care.
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    As long youre not a danger to yourself or others they wont send you to the hospital.

    if you tell your pdoc that youre going to and you have plan then they will...
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    Exactly - the line is simple - if you are imminent threat to yourself by saying you intend to commit suicide/have plan and means (or to hurt somebody else) then you risk being involuntary hospitalized. Anything short of that will not be an issue.
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