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how do i go on

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how can i possible live anymore?i have nothing.nothing. everyone says things will get better.when ive been waiting 4 years and nothing.everyone says chear up how.what do i do.do i cut.do i drink.do i finally pull the trigger.but i cant im a lil bitch.
everything around me has her face on it.every song i hear is bout us.everything is her.ive heard many words trying to chear me up.but nothing can replace what was lost.all the love i gave.all the love she gave me.the kisses.long nights.the smiles.there gone now.someone else has them.someone else deserves them.i dont.and i will never know love again.not like hers.what can i do.what try to live how.people say hang in there.how.with what.how do i go on.how.i need her.i need someone to love me.someone anyone.its her i want.if only she would let me show her how i feel.show her the burns i have.the scars im going to have.what do i do now

what can i do?


Hi Aaron. I'm a 49 year old female so can only give you advice from my perspective. But one thing I learned is that where love is concerned you can never go back. You have to go forward. There are millions of girls out there who are soooooooo lonely and just want someone to love. There is someone else out there for you. Don't give up over this one girl. Your life is much more valuable than that. You came to the right place if you just need someone to listen without being judged. You can PM me anytime.


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You need to allow yourself to grieve for what you had. Grieving after a relationship is healthy and normal.

Have you ever considered, or had, bereavement counselling? They will help you with methods to deal with your loss and to try to move forward, at your own pace, from it. It could really help you with what you are feeling.

Well done for reaching out for help from us, hopefully we can offer you some hope and help. If you ever want to chat feel free to PM me.

Take care


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In the middle of the grieving process myself (have just reached the really angry stage), still cry over what's gone; but it is getting better.

Time really does heal, though I didn't believe it for months.


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i dont know how to greave.i cant afford consiling(i cant spell).people tell me there are others out there but ive never been the person to go looking for people.shes realy the only person ive felt this way for.i know the first love is the hardest and im tired of hearing that.i dont know how to go out and look for someone else.ive never done that.ive always known someone threw someone else.

tabby if your out there i love you.of course your not out there your not even here.i need you.i cant go on.theres nothing anymore to stop the pain in my chest.nothing.where do i go from here.3 years i gave to her.and now i have nothing.not even her pic or anything.just a hole in my chest.

where are these people that want someone to love.how can i think bout going there.i wish i could explode just run and not come back to a meanningless life.


Aaron do you have a dog? You know they say one of the best ways to meet a girl is to have a dog to walk. Girls tend to like all animals, and they tend to like guys who like animals. Is there a nearby park you could start walking a dog at? Maybe take a ball and teach it to retrieve or something to fill the time. Occassionally a girl will come up and say "oh what a cute dog, what's his name?" And it starts from there. This is just an example. There are many other ways to get involved in the community and meet people. This way you're not carrying a sign saying you're lonely. There are agencies that need volunteers, you could volunteer for like one or two days a month. Church is another great place to meet girls. Some of the bigger bookstores have lounge areas where you can just get a book off the shelf and read thru it, with a cup of coffee. Other people might have better ideas but that's a start. Just start thinking about it, then when you feel ready make an effort to get out there. Good luck.
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