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How Do I Help?

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Maybe this post should be moved elsewhere, I don't know but I need to ask a question. How do I help someone in need? When they're feeling suicidal, what do I say? I'm sorry? I understand?
So, what i'm asking is that what can I say in those awkward situations when you have no idea what to say to comfort someone?
I think just letting them know that you understand and want to listen goes a long way. People really need to be heard. It's hard to share your pain. If you know someone really cares it feels good.

If they are in real danger, and if they are threatening suicide then I think that counts, encourage them to get professional help. A trip to the ER, with you as support, might be needed if it's a true crisis. Otherwise a trip to the doctor's to find out about meds and counselling.

You sound like a good friend. Hope it works out ok.
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