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how do i live ?

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i dont know how i feel, how i should feel or if i can keep going. ive got a key worker, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, all working hard to help me, but im still slipping. why ? i dont know... i dont seem to bother anymore whether i live or not. im wasting everyones time and energy because i cant get out this bloody hole. im angry, frustrated and most of all scared, but at myself. i seem to take 2 steps forward and 3 back, how i hate feeling this way but most of all i hate myself, why ? i know therapy is hard and its going to take time but i never thought i would be left feeling so bad, talking about things trig
gered me so bad ive been in a real state for over 2 weeks now, do i carry on or just learn to live with my fate ???
please ignore all off the above.
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I won't ignore you You will get stronger it always get worse before it gets better it does get better though. depression is like that takes you down deep but eventually you start coming up again look at your meds okay see if they need to be changed or upped a bit keep talking here okay it helps to release all those inner thoughts hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:
maybe you could tell your therapist about how triggering things have been.

you are not a waste of time and energy

if you dropped a diamond ring in a sink, would it be worth trying to get it out? yes, of course.

you are worth far more than any diamond ring. you are well worth the time and energy spent to try to save you.
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