How do I start talking?

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    I'm new to this kind of thing. I'm seeking support outside of my friends and family for various reasons...but since I can't even bring myself to talk about anything with them...I guess I'm not really sure how to do it here.

    Part of me blames the fact that I've only ever been ridiculed for being "sad." I use quotes, because sad means I'm feeling down because of whatever reason...and this is different...and it always has been for years now. My ex boyfriend was always telling me that I was too sad and would consistently make fun of me to others...still does. That's long over now, but it still gets to me that he was completely unsupportive and failed to recognize any true issues.

    I've always been able to keep myself here by recognizing how much I would be missed, but lately things have just been unbearable and...I guess I'm just not sure where to begin - not sure how to address the real issues. I always seem to cover up the deeper problems with bs excuses and outright lies. And why? Because of people like my ex who blow me off as "always sad" "happy in my misery"...ugh I hate that one. Because...honestly? Who the hell is happy in misery? That's absolutely ridiculous.

    I don't know...even just writing this right now kind of helped at least for today. Short term fixes are the best.

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    I think this is a very curageous and important first step for you. There are so many wonderful, caring people at this site from which you can get some answers and feedback.

    Please continue to share when you feel up to it.
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    You should think about seeing a therapist to help you deal with your issues.
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    welcome to sf haruhi, i hope your stay is a good one. its hard to open up to people,m but its how we get better, take it step by step so you dont go too fast for yourself, and maybe think about seeing a doctor, meds can help, if you find the right ones.
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    Tell us whatever you want (even in PM). How old are you? Hanging out with your family (in a safe way) actually will let you completely forget what your ex did to you.