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How do I stay motivated?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by emptytank, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. emptytank

    emptytank Active Member

    I have no motivation to do anything. No one has ever liked me. I haven't had a friend in ten years and no girl has ever expressed interest in me. This torturous existence hasn't made me stronger, just angrier... and angrier. And every negative comment I receive here amplifies the intensity of my infuriation. I am a walking time bomb, ready to explode. I have lost interest in everything except exacting revenge before taking my own life once and for all. Years of pent-up frustration is ready to be unleashed and I don't give a shit, for I have nothing to lose. :mad:
  2. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking the same thing about myself 5 minutes ago. I have a whole lot of pent up anger boiling inside me, I'm sick of life, so very sick of everything.
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    That pent up anger needs to be dispelled in a safe way. If at all possible, turn it into something positive. Revenge isn't the answer. I don't walk in your shoes, so I can't pretend to feel as you do. Is it possible for you to write it all out and then rip it up, or burn it, or something like that? Have you thought about tai kwando or something along those lines. That may be helpful. I wish you the best. :hug:
  4. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Just don't do something stupid like go on a shooting spree emptytank. That only causes more pain and suffering for the people involved. Maybe people would be more supportive to you if you were more supportive to them?
  5. zzzz

    zzzz New Member

    Hey, I was looking for my previous post from a few days ago and came across this. Motivation is a huge problem for me, and I'd been feeling a bit angry every so often too.

    People here in outer London seem so nasty all the time and it really annoys me or gets me down. I most of all hate the customer service in shops when you're giving these people loads of money. Like when I got a three phone and the shop-assisstant-girl just made a personal call and walked away while I was buying an 18 month contract! Then the manager came along and started complaining to the sales-girl about me (because I didn't want extras) right in front of me! And I was really polite and everything!

    Man, these people made me so annoyed I spent ages fantasizing about killing myself in the three-department of the superdrug store where I bought the phone (UK law doesn't allow me to cancel the contract once I've signed). Okay, my fantasy wasn't that feasible... but still, anger can have a huge impact on your life. Hey, I wish I believed all that hard-line muslim rubbish so that I could have a reason to blow these people up.

    Anyway, on Monday I felt for the first time in my life, that it was the perfect day for suicide. I had no real loose-ends or anything, and all my family knew I was depressed and stuff, so they're pretty much as prepared for my death as they'll ever be. My work knows I'm depressed too -I handed in my month's notice a couple of weeks ago when I realised I needed to substancially alter my life to be happy.

    But for my family I really had to try and find some way to live, as I know they'd be totally unhappy with my death. So instead of killing myself on Monday, I decided to kill my future employability and won't turn up at work again... this made me feel loads better.

    How should someone stay motivated? I don't know. But I think if you're doing something you enjoy, hopefully you'll naturally be motivated. So I'm going travelling and hope to find something I enjoy. The motivation should follow.
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