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how do i stop going to sleep at 4 am???

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i don't have insomnia or a medical condition, but i can't seem to get to bed before like 3, and often it ends up as 3:30 or 4. how do i get the discipline to force myself to bed?
I use to and still have the same problem, except i was going to bed about 6 in the morning. But recently i've been doing thing in the day that tire me out so i get to sleep at a responable hour. I would reccomned some kind of exercise during the day. If you have a hard days work out then your bound to be tired at the end of the day.

Make a routine and stick to it. Reward yourself for sticking to it.

Not more i can suggest really.

Hope that helps :smile:


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I have the same problem. My sleeping pattern is MESSED up.

Normally I wake up in the afternoon and go to sleep at around 4am. My mind seems to race with unwanted thoughts in the night.


When you find the answer ybt, please pass it on. It seems we all have the same problem:smile:


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theres a lot of things that can help with sleeping, for example as was said, exercise in the day is good, theres also things like making sure you are totally in the dark, no illuminated clocks or lights from the computer, you can try putting lavender oils on your pillow, lavender is meant to be great at aiding sleep, you may also be able to find a stuffed animal type thing which you put in the microwave before bed, sleep with it and its filled with lavender so the smell comes out, theres the classics like a mug of warm milk no fizzy drinks or caffine, make sure your rooms got pleantly of air (without being too cold) and try listening to soft, calming music, the only other thing i can think of is to keep you bed for sleeping, by this i mean dont sit in bed while you watch TV or read, you shouldnt be in bed unless youre trying to fall asleep

if you look online for info on insomnia (i know you dont have this but the aim of the sites is to get people to sleep no matter the reason) you can find loads more stuff that could help

hope thats some help
i *don't* have insomnia. it's just that instead of the cycle most people have, like 12-8, i gradually started getting to bed later and now my cycle is something like 3-3


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i know that, i didnt mean to imply that you did, but you are looking for ways to get to sleep which is what insomnia help site help with, you dont have to go into the what causes it side of things but if you try some of the ways they suggest to help sleep, hopefully, after a while your sleep pattern/cycle will change to a more desired routine


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im sorry hun your sleep pattern is messed up. perhaps you want to try to go for a run before you want to sleep, or do some other work out. otherwise you might consider to visit a doctor to help you to get your sleep patter normalized again, that certainly doesnt mean you need to stick to sleeping pills for the rest of your life, your body will eventually adjust itself.
Good luck!!!!!!!!


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thanks bunny that stuff really helped... although now i'm addicted to lavendar:tongue:...

... question though, my friend uses sleeping pills.... and swears by them... but dont you get hooked on them, like if you dont take one you cant sleep?


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i think some people can get hooked on sleeping pills, but more often they stop working, when i was on them i took the a few times and they worked fine, then about the 6th time i was back to being awake all night even with the pills (plus they gave me really bad breath :yuk:)


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Tylenol PM works ok. It's not supposed to be habit-forming, but you shouldn't rely on it for months at a time or anything. Also, a warm bath and a boring book do wonders for sleeping :) I would take a Tylenol PM immediately before I took a bath (don't fall asleep in the tub!) and then get into bed with a dull book. After a week or so, your body should have adjusted to the new cycle and you won't need to take the drugs.
I know it might not apply to everyone, but I've found some light alcohol puts me to sleep - no questions asked. A glass of wine or chardonnay about 30 minutes before bed will knock me right out. During the day, it has no effect on me, but when I'm 'tired' or ready for bed, a glass of wine and a boring TV show are the recipe for dreamless sleep.

Also works well for anxiety...

Remember, we're not talking about a drinking contest with yourself here- a glass of wine or chardonnay is the ticket. A glass. Not several.

Best of luck,
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