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how do i?

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i don't how to express the fact that one day i'm going to blow and get so freaking angry that i might do something i'll regret, but let's try shall we? Life is fucking pointless, i mean really come on, what do we do all day? work so we can just spend on non sense, sit @ home cause we have nothing to do, or go to school to get a career in something that you will probably end up hating 5 years down the road. I'm so sick and tired of life, sick of pretending to be happy, to be strong for everyone around me. I get phone calls from people telling me how much they are hurting and i sit there and try to comfort them, i guess what i want is someone that will comfort me, hug me and tell everything is going to be ok. I want that, but will i ever get it? i don't know and i'm not counting on it.....there's so much more that i want to say, but it won't come out

i should go


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I think the big mistake were making these days as people is to get caught up with trying to climb the ladder of wealth and accumulation. Life is really about people, and its now that im trully starting to realise this, its about having fun for the time your here...work is a means to an end....so you can get money to have fun with friends and family..thats how it should be. These days work is seen as a goal...rather than a path. My old man often talks about how work for him was just a way to get money to do what he really wanted to do...he didnt give a fuck about status, about accumulating wealth, buying houses, or buying a thousand tonnes of useless trinkets. We need to get back to that.

I also think people dont really take advantage of whats available to them these days, the internet allows you to make any number of acquintances, im talking to people in differant countries daily, I could never do that 20 years ago. Use the technology, and take advantage of it.

We all want to be loved, we all need affection, its crucial to our existance, Im sure a sizeable majority of people on this board either dont get that love, or sadly its gone very wrong for them. Love conquers all so they say, we all need it, and yes like you its also a massive hole in my life.

I know what your saying, a hug would change worlds...I couldnt agree more.
I hear what you are saying about being there for people . I take it you are like me in a way , sitting there listening to people go on about things that just seem stupid to you , telling them it will be ok , worrying about their problems when all you want to do is curl up and die. Sucks doesnt it how some people cant even tell theres something wrong, you sit there and they just start spouting , expecting you to be a strong and let them lean on you ?
Well, i extend this offer to all my friends, and seeing as i now consider you a friend, just PM me if you want to talk and i will fire you my MSN address :) you can lean on me for support today , and always if you like. Everyone needs someone to be there for them, so consider me here for you !


I can't be there to hug you but I can be there to comfort you on some level, if you need a friend to let it all out on just drop me a pm :hug:
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