How do some people even sleep at night?

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  1. My former employer is pushing me to the brink!
    First they lie to me about my job saying things are fine. Then they say they are shutting down and I no longer have a job. Then the skanky owner says I'm sure you can get unemployment benifits but if you have a problem with them let me know.
    I file for unemployment benefits only to find out they have not paid a dime into the system. The UI office told me I could still file but it would be denied and I would have to open an investigation to even file and still I would get denied until the investigation is resolved. So after I go ahead & do what the UI office tells me to do the skank bag owner calls me up acting like she is doing me a favor by offering me a part time job and that I should have waited for her to decide what she was going to do with the company before filing for UI. Like I am supposed to put my entire life on hold while she decides what she is going to do even though she said my job has been eliminated. Meanwhile I get a letter from the IRS saying my 2011 tax return does not match their records. The company I listed as my employer does not exist. I tell her what happened and she admitted they haven't paid any taxes in the past year and a half! My life is a complete flipping mess now because of that skank. She had the nerve to say it was my fault they are going under because they paid me too much money. So how is that my fault?! Then she says I had to know they weren't doing well and should have left on my own even though she said many times over the past year that everything was great. WHAT?! So she thinks her irresponsible actions are my fault! And they have not even paid me for the last week that I worked but they say they are going to pay me by the end of the next pay period. Which is this Friday but I am not holding my breath. She has lied to me too many times to believe anything she says.
    Of course I am looking for a job but the economy is not at it's healthiest & it doesn't help that I am 55 years old and now competing with 30 & 40 somethings.
    I would like to rip every dam hair out of that skank bags head!
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    I have been in this situation too, it blows chunks. I got nothing. And just after I find out I have a non operable teratoma that gives me pain all o f the time. The sick thing is, employer declared bankruptcy but then started a new company.. The have so many loop holes to take advantage of. People like us suffer for it.
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    I'm so sorry for you both. I think you are right not to trust your employer. Presumably if she hasn't paid UI and taxes she's committed a crime. She's certainly taken money from you under false pretences deducting money for taxes but not paying it. Can you get any pro bono legal help with your claim?
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    It is a very fixable situation. The method to fix it depends on the state you live in but you will still be able to get unemployment. In the mean time - you can file for unemployment based on previous employer simply by showing pay stubs or deposit records and last years tax return to verify you have been working since then. File a complaint with social security and the IRS - they will take care of making sure your old employer gets what they deserve.... So long as you were not being paid with personal checks and cash (under the table) and you can show you paid taxes and social security/medicare taxes you are fine and will get unemployment relatively easily.
  5. Unfortunately in the state I live UI only goes back 18 months. Besides that the last job I had was only for about 4 months and before that I was out of a job for 10 months due to downsizing at the job I had before that and I had exhausted all of my benefits before I was able to find another job. Benefits in my state only last 26 weeks and right now there are no more extensions available because the unemployment rate in my state is currently below 6.5.
    I do have proof of working for them. They paid me by check and gave me w2s for both 2011 & 2012 but apparently they are bogus w2s. When I first began working for them they were not giving me pay stubs with the checks but I have an email from them showing the break down of taxes deducted from my 1st check & countless other emails proving I worked for them. I was on a yearly salary so the breakdown did not change from week to week. Also for 2013 they started giving me pay stubs with the deductions listed. It's just going to take some time to get it all fixed. In the meantime I have no income. I have been applying for jobs but it has only been since Monday since I was let go by them last Friday.