how do suicide institutions work?

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  1. pingas112

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    If this is the wrong section, i apologize. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me how it works, i'm ignorant on the subject so this is how i think part of it works, i'm assuming they use anti depressants on people, but it won't have any effect on the people who wanted to kill themselves who aren't depressed. so what happens to them? do they use something else?
  2. cloudstrise

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    From my experience (I was sent to a mental hospital that took care of everything, wasn't specifically for suicidal or depressed people) you go in, they check out everything you brought with you, take the shoe laces out of your shoes (They will give you zip ties if you ask for them to keep your shoes up), measure you and weigh you, take your blood pressure, all of that stuff, so it's basically like a check up, and they'll show you your room and explain the rules. Other than that, you may be required to do groups during the day, which was the worst part for me, it's pretty much like staying at home away from home. You may have room mates, and everything's on a schedule, but you get to talk with a therapist and a psychiatrist who will start treating you with medication, and you can leave when they see improvements in your mood.
  3. pingas112

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    any idea what kind of medication it is? as i said if its anti depressants it won't have any effect on people who aren't motivated by depression, i know that they wouldn't just let you leave. are these institutions voluntary or are you taken there against your will?
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    They offer medications if a dx and treatment plans calls for the use of medications. Some dx do have a protocol that would typically include offering meds, some do not. Just like any other hospital ( I have no clue what you mean by suicide institution so am assuming mental health hospital) the treatment offered depends entirely on the problem that brings a person there.
  5. AmeliaS.

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    When I was admitted, I didn't know what to expect. But it's mostly like a really, really nice holding cell. They'll assign you a therapist and a psychiatrist, put you in a room, feed you meals, and figure out what's wrong with you. You'll go to individual and group therapy, as well as stuff like art therapy. The point is usually to find you meds that work for you, even if you aren't necessarily depressed, or at least a regular therapist that you can go see when you are discharged. Sometimes they just keep you there so you can't kill yourself.
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