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how do u combat loneliness?

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I spend as much time as i can at my mums and the internet.

The weird thing is, is i hardly talk to my mum when i'm there, i think it's just being near another person who cares about me.


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Literally,I have a punching bag in the garage that has seen alot of use, sometimes I dont wear gloves which makes a mess of my hands, but its not as if anyone is ever going to hold them so why bother? Nothing combats weakness like strength, and a strong punch is a good thing
The trick if you can pull it off is keeping occupied,I try to read tho that is difficult when your fretting,I watch a lot of tv with nature documentaries being my favourite. I think I'm pretty much used to it which helps coz it's not gonna be changing any time soon.


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I plan trips-- this can make me forget about almost everything else.

I also think about what it would be like to be in outer space, or to live in a post-apocalyptic world, or the ancient past or something… or like sometimes I just think about what I would need to survive in the wild after society collapses in 2015.

Oh, and I read a lot of wikipedia articles and also get into dumb arguments on various online forums.


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If I'm lonely, I try to figure what I'm lonely for - what's missing that I want.

To help combat loneliness, I chat with a friend on the phone, come online here and see what's happening, read a novel, draw, listen to music, go out to do things where I have to interact (even minimally) with other people. (TBH, when I learned to enjoy my own company - alone - a lot of the loneliness disappeared. Not all of it, but a lot of it. I still have my moments.)
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