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How do u know if u have Socail Axiety?

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i think i may have social anxiety but i dont know..
if i dont do my homework usually ill skip school
skip when im scared of going..
im always afraid people are talking about me..
thinking the next day will be extreme hell..
even though it turns out to be alright..
in school i hate big classes so im in self contained..
school is so .. scary?
when not at school i push away my friends
imma ask if u can be PC schooled..
do i have Social anxiety?..?


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That sounds to me like a form of Social Anxiety, but I'm not a professional 'anything' and cannot diagnose. You would need to see a professional counselor or shrink or some other medical professional. It would also depend on whether you experienced this fear and such in ALL social situations, or just certain ones. I urge you to speak to a counselor, perhaps at your school, to start with.

I'm from the US and I think that online schooling is a growing field in Education but the online schools vary in quality and so on. You might ask a school counselor or Google "online high school" (in your area) and see what comes up.

sending you hugs and support and hope,


( I understand your school-related anxiety all too well. I suffered thru four years of high-school-hell cause I was skinny and not "popular". Getting out of high school was like being released from prison...:dry: and my social anxiety sort of went away!:smile: )
Sounds to me like you have it. Certainly talk to a doctor if you can. I am a senior in high school and I have been dealing with this since I was a little kid. Are you sure you want to do online schooling? I know how terrifying school is and I have thought about asking to be home schooled or do the online thing myself, but I don't know that running from the problem will help you. Obviously I can't speak for you or your specific situation, but I know if I were home schooled or something, it would just end up making me even worse when the time came to go out into the world and find a job and become an adult. Sometimes exposure can be good. But I completely understand how scary it is. I had to sing a song in front of a class today. Good lord. :sad: Good luck. I hope you can get some help. SA is a real bitch but it can be beaten. I hope. By the way, http://socialanxietysupport.com/ is a real neat place.
A few of them senarios certainately sound like social anxiety. School was the main culprit for my social anxiety and I absolutely DREADED going to school and whenever I was in there, small class or not I couldn't wait to get out of them school gates because not only was I surrounded by people, I was also paranoid that they were talking about me. Infact, it's not only school that happened, it feels like social anxiety has now taken over my life because leaving this house to even do the shopping is somewhat of a challenge in itself. I suggest you see a doctor because at the end of the day they are the only people who can give you a proper diagnosis. They can also put you on medication to control your anxieties and make life more managable.


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Like most others here, I'm far from an expert on this subject but I also think you probably do have at least a bit of social anxiety. Its alright, a lot of people have it.

Me personally, I basically never made friends or socialized or anything in high school, just went there to study and eat, how boring and pathetic huh? The exact same thing is happening in college.

But yet I was never ever afraid of going to school though. So I guess I don't have social anxiety disorder but instead I'm just anti-social/shy??? I get these terms confused. :mellow:
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