How do you blow that little spark to a flame of happiness

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Solstadius, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Solstadius

    Solstadius Member

    Sometimes when I'm feeling that little spark deep deep down which can set my happiness on fire even for a a couple of hours I need something to catch it even if it's not happiness but just feeling better. I'm sure some of you can feel the same way too. Usually if I feel it I just quit killing time by watching TV or anything and do some creative. Like drawing or singing or write a poem. I'm not good at these things but you know it works anyway.

    Sometimes I can just listen some music. I really like Edward Sharpe example. The main singer had suffered greatly you can read it through the internet. And I think reading their interviews, watching lives from youtube and seeing through their lyrics can be very motivational all together.

    For me this song with all of the message can make whole evening better. Not always but it has that something in it.

    So maybe you can share too something similar?
  2. youdontknowme

    youdontknowme New Member

    you need to hold on to that spark, dont ever let yourself forget what it feels like. you need to force it and push for it and work hard for it sometimes, you need to force positive thinking and i know it's hard when you're feeling down but you can't give up on happiness, it's never an option. i dont listen to this type of music so the songs i would recommend would probably not be of your liking, i apologize. but keep ya head up by tupac is one that always makes me happy if you can give old school hip hop a chance, the lyrics are very positive and comforting.
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