how do you bring up or suggest a long distance relationship?

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    I found someone I pretty desparately want to be in a relationship with, hes 4 hours away, a shy but domineering guy whos actually younger than me. hes a loner and acts like he will just stay that way. Hes never been with anyone before and ive been with one guy close to a year ago. that was a 2 year long distance(oregon and texas) relationship. anyway, He thinks im beautiful for who i am, and that has been scary enough on my end given i have weight to lose.

    i'm wondering how do i bring up the idea of a long distance relationship and not wreck a gooood friendship?:huh:
    i'm trying to word an email now
  2. Nyu

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    I would just tell him you like him, as more than a friend, and let it go from there. And if he admits he likes you too, you could drop a hint about how you were in a long distance relationship before. :)