How do you connect?

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    Hi, and I apologize if this sounds silly, but being unsuccessful at this stage has generously helped me suffer and walk into self-destructive thoughts ;) so I would really appreciate reading and learning from your success stories.

    Context: I don't want to be alone. I am shy. I am alone. It hurts. Not just the lack of sex but the loneliness itself and the prospect of achieving failure in finding intimacy for the rest of my life. I will bore you out with my story on a different forum. For here and now, I will be thankful if you share what happens between - especially the last two of - the following three times:

    Time one: you are by yourself.
    Time two: you know somebody enough to like them.
    Time three: you are dating them.

    For the purpose of this question, a success story is one where they don't humiliate you or rip you off.

    Thank you.
    (Please feel free to laugh. You might make me happy)