how do you cry?

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first of all i like to get it out im a shitty loser member i never helped anyone else on here i just bitched.

anyways im feeling better but i can feel a lot of sadness inside but i dont know how to cry, can someone harras me and say mean things until i cry?


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I'll give you a :hug:, but I won't harass you or say mean things to make you cry. I don't mean or nasty things about you to say, anyway. However, I'm glad you are feeling better than before!

Sometimes when we're sad, we don't cry. I've noticed that if I've had a long bout of depression, the better mood after it feels like "something's missing" - such as the tears, the non-rosy view of the world. Could something like that be what's happening to you now that you're feeling OK?

Keep feeling better! I'm happy for you! :hug:


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I do think you touched upon something. Sometimes, when getting closer to others, even through providing a bit of support, we leave ourselves more vunerable to our feelings...I think we cry more when we are ready...for some, it is a true sign of bravery to cry for our truer self


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i want to cry and i feel the tears pushing im just not able to relax and let it come i had to supress it to survive but now its eating me up so can someone pull the damn water out?!


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I never really feel like crying - angry perhaps- sad - but - I was talking to a mate about this and we agreed that we could not cry in public - certainly not to a woman although I reckon he has wept over some girl - I reminded him of the 80s - some girl - lol - the lying bas**** did cry! So - no fooling me there!

I've felt down over losing women - but always reported them missing to the cops! - lol - I joke - you know 'lost your women' - took her out for a walk in the hills - anyways.

Put it this way - for most men - you will either come close to crying or actually cry over a woman at some point.

I guess a couple of funerals in my life I'll cry like a child. Me and my mate - well he admitted that - he cried when his dad died - aged 30 odd but of course he wept like a child over that - some pain - tears WILL fall - so you got to let them.

When my grandmother died - it was in work and I was in the office - cried - never really gave a thought to it - the lads were all kind - not that I noticed - but nobody ever said anything - and to be fair - if anyone did - they would asking for trouble. Men are not that stupid. Or the real stupid ones still have a preservation of life deal going on.

Sad movies will make me cry - some men secretly watch porn - with me my dark secret is crying over the movie 'Its a wonderful life'. So - with the lads I had to lie and say "Sure I was watching porn all night - and even on the way to work - that's why my eyes are red!" - I lie - I admit - Bambi getting shot - I won't watch that with children!

Anyhow - no matter how depressed I been - I've never cried over that. Years ago I tried - when your feeling bad you want to cry - but if you got no real reason - for me at least- I could never cry.

Anyhow - download that movie.

Man up and cry.

Regards (sob)
Sometimes I have trouble crying too. The best advice I can give you is to find a private space and time where and when you can feel safe. You can try just reflecting on your life, past and/or present, watching a sad movie, or listening to some music that you find expresses how you feel. Best of luck.
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