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How do you deal with a suicide?


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How do you deal with your bestfriend... your girlfriend... killing herself?
How do you deal with the questions that you can't answer?
All the events you had planned that you now can't face without her?
How do i sleep at night knowing she isn't going to kiss me ever again? >.<


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i lost a friend once, i cant begin to explain the emotions that was running through me, and i can definitly understand what your going through

but one thing that my mate wouldve wanted was for me to celebrate his life, his values and what he stood up for. not to mourn his death but to be grateful for everything that i deserve.

and i know i will see him again in heaven :)

death is apart of life, it happens.

always know, your love is like the wind, you cant see it, but you can feel it


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I lost my brother to suicide oh i am sorry for your loss i am How does one move on you get help hun You talk to grief councillors talk to doctor get on some meds to help you cope with depression You talk okay get a therapist so you can heal It takes time for the extreme pain and sadness to go away but it does decrease hun Keep talking okay it helps hugs


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Nothing anyone says will help you in the long run, but knowing people out there understand is a lot easier on the heart.

It takes time.

Thats my simple answer, its been 3 years since I lost my partner to suicide & Im still grieving.

It just takes time.


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So sorry for your loss, gentle hugs to you.
I don't know how you get through... although my loss is different I know when I lost my Mom she was my best friend, and the devastation of losing someone is so immense...

Firstly I hope you don't blame yourself? Its not you Hun ok! She was hurting and her pain was so deep that no one could reach her ok. Its ok to feel the way you do, to give yourself time to grieve, do you think you could promise yourself to take it one step, one hour, one day at a time for now...?

Its time to be kind to you now, I am sure she would want that for you. Keep posting keep venting, know people on here care - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! So when ever you feel down keep posting. Do you have a diary on here? Maybe you could start one and write your thoughts, your feelings for her?

Take care


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I lost a friend to suicide years ago. . it takes time. . time to realize that what happened is not your fault. .
sometimes, no matter how much we love another we can not save them from the demons in theri head. .
I know that is lame, but I believe it's true. .
PLEASE don't be hard on yourself...she was in horrible pain and that was what she thought she had to do. I know when I tried to commit suicide I absolutely did not want to hurt my loved ones, I just wanted escape from the horrible pain. I'm so sorry you are dealing w this...don't blame yourself...

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