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How do you deal with inferiority?

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How do you cope with the feelings that others are better than you, either actual or percieved? What methods are there to get over it?

Speaking personally, I had a "friend" who was very intelligent, and one of my personal pet hates is people who are more intelligent than I am, so naturally, inferiority right there. Haven't seen him in a while now, but the inferiority is still there.

He'll be doing better than me no matter how hard I try because he's naturally gifted. Makes me feel like crap everytime I think about it. And I've been doing fine all week up until now when it randomly decided to come back to me.

It's all well and good looking on the internet for solutions but for some reason they're never good enough. So, decided to ask as people here who may be experienced, how do you deal with your inferiority if you have it? Or how have you overcome it?

And another question I suppose is, why contest it? If you know it can't be done, then why bother?

Rather depressing post tbh.
maybe this just sounds cheesy, but there are always going to be people that either have some better than what you have, or who you perceive to have something better than what you have. There will always be people who will have less, or who you perceive to have less.

If you take the cards the life deals you and you do your best to make the best out of life for yourself and for others, that is something heroic. Whether greatly gifted or impoverished, all those who walk that path are equals.

It is not what you have, but what you do with what you have that makes you distinguished.


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I'm fairly content with having the ability to let shit slide, eg; not giving a fuck. To the point where I'll want to kill myself. But that probly isn't a good thing. Oh well.

I don't know how people can be bothered doing so much. I can learn farely easily. It just depends what you're trying to teach me. If I don't want to learn it, I fucking won't. My brain just zones out and I'll sit there like a zombie.

I try my best not to care. But I don't have a lot of friends to be inferior of(don't have any anyway), and I try my best not to pay attention to other peoples lives. Because it just depresses the shit out of me and I ending up thinking of suicide :mellow:.


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I'd sure like to learn how. What I can do is never good enough for anyone, and what little I can do isn't enough to get through life accomplishing much of anything at all. What makes me wish I was dead every day is struggling just to do simple things while watching all the normal people around me do so much more like it's nothing. It just sickens me, everyone taking their abilities for granted and succeeding while I can only desperately search for something, anything I'm even remotely capable of. I can only see a life of disability being worthwhile if you have at least one redeeming quality; one strength. Since I don't have any, I just dread my biggest failure - failing to kill myself before I get old, having nothing but a lifetime of failure to look back on.
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