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How do you deal with isolation?

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I dont even know where to begin, I am not really shy, but for some strange reason, I do not have any interest, or ability to talk to people(!). No its been so long that I have talked so I feel I cant say any sentence anymore without problems...so I know if I had lived a long life it would be completely by myself...but anyway how do you cope with loneliness? Do you try to make contact or conversations with anyone? Do you have any hope at all? What do you do all day? For me its walking, PC, xbox, walking, PC, xbox and sleeping...hmmm, interesting and awesome life yeah!:sparkle:
It's always been internet and xbox for me. I'd talk to my mom from time to time. She was all I really had. I have nothing now so I just watch tv and spend time on the internet after work. I hate the loneliness but I can't change it anymore. I call a friend sometimes to talk. It's harder now though because I can't mention my wish to die to her anymore. She told me she would have to make calls if I talk about wanting to die again. Anyway, I just try to not think about it much but it's very very hard. Being lonely really does suck. Sorry I couldn't be any help to you.


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It's hard to give you advice when I don't know your life situation. Age, do you work or have school or anything like that? Do you have family? Parents, friends?
I'll take it that you don't have things like that in your life at this point since you say that you don't have anyone to talk to at all.
Finding something to do with your life, longterm, a goal or purpose, something to work towards is probably important. I also have a very empty life at the moment, but I'll be starting an education to the fall, so hopefully that will give me some social and other stimulation.
Living in constant isolation is really hard, I feel you on that one. You need to work towards making contacts, and also; I find it hard to believe that you don't have any interests at all. Are you sure that it's not depression talking when you say that? Depression can make us forget all about the things we used to enjoy, I know that... I really don't believe that anyone don't have at least one thing that they could develope and become better at, do more with, if they really try. Something that feels meaningful to you.
I'm here if you need to talk, feel free to pm me.
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