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How do you deal with someone who's always right?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Dragon, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Dragon

    Dragon Staff Alumni

    Or, should I say, someone who THINKS they're always right.

    I refer, as many people who have heard my endless rantings will know, to my ex boyfriend, Tom.

    We broke up some six months ago. He has a girlfriend now, and I'm very happy with my boyfriend (who is the best guy in the world), so, I can only ask myself, WHY is he still harping on at me? When we get along, we get along great, but when he gets a bee in his bonnet he's unbearable.

    Basically, what has happened is this. His mother does not like me. I don't care how much he says that she does. She doesn't. She has come outright and said to Tom that I only stayed with him to go to a concert that we went to together, and to go to his cousin's wedding.
    And I mean, sure, let her think that. It hurts slightly that anyone could think that way about me, but whatever. I don't see her, she isn't my friend. However, Tom, being the idiot that he is, thought too much about it, and then had the AUDACITY to ask me if it were true!
    Now, THAT hurt. A lot. He was with me for eight months. I thought he knew me well enough not to think of me that way.

    Anyways, this morning, he text me, saying he hoped he didn't upset me. I'll try and get the conversation as much as I remember. I text back that no, he hadn't really, that I was a bit hurt and I'd get over it. The reply was positively dripping with sarcasm, saying he was 'sorry' that his wanting to be sure of it had hurt my feelings. I then told him, in my response, that there was no need for the sarcasm, that I thought he knew me better, and that it wasn't nice to have my personality questioned. His reply to me, yet again with the sarcasm, claimed that his mum was an impartial person, and he had thought maybe that she saw something that he had missed, and again the 'sorry' that his wanting piece of mind had upset me.
    My response then, and these are my exact words, was 'Your mum isn't impartial. Her being your mum denies her that. And stop the sarcasm or stop texting me.'
    I was annoyed, understandably I'm sure, by this time, and was I wrong in expecting some kind of reasonable response? Perhaps, but I didn't get it. No, I got 'Fine. Fuck you then.' and then a comment that he'd fallen out with his mum defending me. Like that was supposed to make me feel BAD after everything he'd already said.

    I don't know what I ever saw in him. He is a complete and utter arse.

    Signing off~
  2. emma-louise

    emma-louise Guest

    :hug: Fee .. Wish there was something i could say or do to help you .. Just know i'm always here for you xxx
  3. Dragon

    Dragon Staff Alumni

    :hug: Thankye Emma.