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How do you drive safely every day?

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When I read newspaper, I often read about people who got killed in car accidents. It happens so often that I came to accept it as part of life. It is truly sad to see people die from car accidents but what is more sad is the fact that a lot of the victims are young people.
I have been fortunate enough to never get into any car accident. But it goes without saying that I sometimes feel afraid of getting into car accident, especially on the highway.
How do you drive safely every day, especially on the highway? What precautions do you take to make sure you are driving at the safest level possible?
Thanks in advance for any insights.


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I drive defensively, always watching out for the other drivers since I 'm sure they're not watching out for me. I leave early, allowing lots of extra time, take my time, don't speed, always look twice before entering a road or turning, and go to paranoid lengths to avoid accidents - leaving a huge space between me and the guy in front of me... if only the car behind me would do the same. I drive with my lights on all the time and actually use my turn signals!!:ohmy:

I just use extreme caution at all times. So far it's paid off, I haven't had an accident since 1998.



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Drive as though everybody else on the road is a complete imbecile and has no clue what they're doing because, generally, they don't.

Leave an adequate gap between you and the car in front.....use the 2 second rule in dry weather, 10 second rule in wet/low visibility/icy/ect conditions. Learn your stopping and breaking distances. Speed limits and "slow" written on the road are generally there for a reason....look out for hazard lines and adjust your speed and road positioning sufficiently.

Never overtake on or near a corner. Check your mirrors every 3-5 seconds.....driving is basically about observation and forward planning.


I've had a fair few minor mishaps on my motorbike (125 cc so glorified hairdryer really). Only come off it 2or 3 times since last summer I think. Doing anywhere from 30mph to 55 when I came off.

Sooooo yeah I don't drive safely I guess.
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