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How do you face your fears? *Triggering*

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People who have talked to me in the chat recently would know that I have been suffering from intensely painful panic attacks for the last few weeks. I have talked to therapists about it and got few advices but I am still struggling. My therapist reminded me that the panic attack stems from fears, not being able to face fears and deal with them.
But I don't have guts to face my fears because they are so horrific, disturbing images. At 16, I was accidentally exposed to horrific images of WWII and was deeply traumatized. The memory is still there and it pops up occasionally to bother me. I wish I could erase them somehow.
Another thing that is causing my panic attack is an incident which happened few weeks ago. I was so mentally depressed, withdrawan that I decided to look up suicide method although I am fundamentally against suicide. There were some disturbing suicide methods which I read and I immediately got panic attack. I have been having panic attack since.
I need you guys' help. In order to overcome panic attack, I have to face my fears. But how do you face fears when u were so shocked, disturbed by what you read, saw? How should I go about gradually overcoming my panic attack?


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Did your doctor ask you about Obsesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
You said the memory of those pictures (holocaust?) keeps cropping up. Do you find the urge to think about it or you feel you've got no control over the thought? I only ask because you didnt use the word holocaust but used WW2.
To me this looks like your a bit taboo'd by the subject like many people are. It's not a nice thing to have to think about and most people won't talk about it. This is a long shot but maybe you get the thoughts because you feel you shouldn't be thinking the thoughts. But it's compulsive. Kind of like when there is an ambulance on the side of the road and you drive past and you tell yourself theres gonna be a body there but you look anyway. This is a long shot obviously so if its completely wrong try and say what is causing it instead if you can.

Also when did you find yourself becoming depressed and was it definitly just the panic attacks that caused this or was it mingled with other past events?
It's important to understand where we are before we start moving.

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