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How do you find a hospital?

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I apologize ahead of time if this question has been asked before. I've been feeling worse and worse lately, with depression, and although I've been an inpatient twice before (once involuntarily), I am now in a different state. I don't know how to go about finding an inpatient facility that isn't a ****hole. I'm in a fairly small city, and because of that I hope to find someplace a bit farther away, because I have two daughters in middle school, and if word got out they might catch some flak from their peers.

I have no current therapist. I've been looking online for days, but it's hard to tell what a good facility is. I was fooled before by a decent-looking Web site, but then the place was actually a dump.

Can anyone point me to a helpful resource? I really feel like I'm going downhill fast.
If possible visit the place in person even if you just drive by. If you've got the nerve walk in and ask for some information or pamphlets. Other than that keep looking online or even calling around.

Other than that.... Find a place that offers:

A psychologist/therapist AND a psychiatrist
Family visits everyday
More than JUST group therapy
Make sure your showers are individual :)

And thats all i've got, good luck and feel better ;)

I'm right there wih you next time my urges get as bad as last night.


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best place to start is prob ask your doctor or emergency room at any hospital and go from there...
good luck and glad you're reaching out for help
Thank you! I had hoped to avoid the local ER, but I'm sliding downhill fast and will likely simply do that. I have one work project I need to finish up and then will probably head there. My past two ER experiences were terrible: one time they really didn't do anything and I just went home; the second time I was in the midst of a suicide attempt and under the influence, and they had me dragged off to jail.

But I think right here, right now, the ER is probably my best bet. I just hope I can get this darn work project done, hopefully by Friday.

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