How do you get a man to forgive you?

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    I really went hard on this guy the other night. Things are just soooo hard right now with the end of my summer course and of course all the other drama in my life, so I have a tendency to act out. I acted totally crazy, but I am just soooo self-conscious and jealous. Anyway, I am so embarrassed by my behavior. I thought he was ignoring me so I texted him a bunch of stuff. Then we chatted and I took a comment of his totally out of context. How do I get him to forgive me? Should I let him chill out for about a week then I apologize? Maybe if I immediately do it, it will not seem sincere. The problem is that this is not the first time I have acted this way. I really don't want to do it again. At the same time, I want to promise him I won't act like that again, but I am not sure I can keep my promise. He really means a lot to me and he has put up with so much. I feel like this was the last time.
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    I say appologize straight away....that seems more sincere to me....
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    It dawns on me that I don't have a single number to call in my cell phone. Not one person I can count on. Not a single friend I can trust.... The emptiness and the boredom. And now I have to write a long paper that will be due in like 4 days. Without him, it will be sooo difficult to write, constantly thinking about him. I am just so dumb, overly sensitive, and crazy.

    Lately, everybody does a good job at pointing out my bad qualities and my craziness. Including this psycho professor I had for this summer course. She is such a jealous bit**. After class she called me to talk oneday, I ended up crying as I started to talk to her about my problems. She acted like she cared. Then, next class session she made a comment in front of the whole class stating how if you are not a child and you cry in public it means you are bipolar. She tried to use this as an example from one of our texts. It was totally off topic, considering we were reading philosophy. She just wanted to knock me and make me feel weak it seems. It amazes me how this woman can be sensitive to everybody else. She frowns upon homophobia and racism, yet it is perfectly alright for her to beat somebody up about being sad or having an emotional problem and or depression or bipolar disorder. Who the fu** is she? My mother has been complaining about everything too, pointing out how I like to dance in the house and sometimes skip when I listen to music, how I always have my i-pod on, how I like to chew on paper, how I scare people away with my craziness. Can she just stop it??
    How much more can I take????

    I get it! I get it! I'm crazy. I don't act "normal" like other people my age. Believe me, I already know and it has hurt everything, but why can't other people just appreciate me for who I am and appreciate that I am having a hard time??? I need hugs and understanding and for the people who are important to me to work with me not to constantly tell me how I am weird and how my behaviors are not normal!
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    I am tempted to apologize immediately. However, I need to write this paper and if everything does not go 100 percent, I will be crushed. Also, I think he needs a little time to cool off as well.