How do you get it to stop?

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    How do you get your thoughts from going all over the place? Too much going on in my head and I can't stop it. Driving me crazy. Just want to sleep to stop thinking.
  2. SinisterKid

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    Distraction is the only thing that works for me right now. Posting here, listening to music, the thoughts are kept at bay. Once I stop, then the thoughts take over again. So I am constantly doing something. I also read a lot when I can. Just anything that occupies my mind is welcome if it keeps the thoughts of harm away and shuts the little voiced one up. Music drowns that little shit out mostly. Right now, nothing else works or comes close.
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    I hope something works.
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    I used to really struggle with my racing thoughts and anxiety, it led to nervous breakdowns and just the feeling that being conscious was just unbearable. I found that meditation and ideas similar to mindfulness drastically reduced these problems. The book 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle absolutely changed my life and I have posted a video below. I hope that you will watch it and if you find that it ressonates with you I would encourage you to look into these ideas. The mind can be controlled! Stopping the mind by becoming absorbed in other activities like Sinister Kid suggests is a great idea too.

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