How do you get motivated to go to the gym?

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Mordeci, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Mordeci

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    I have been trying to get to the gym for about a week now, but I keep procrasnating. I end up thinking people are going to stare at me, I am too tired, or some other excuse. I just wonder how people find the motivation to go to the gym because honestly I am at a loss?
  2. flyingdutchmen

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    pick yourself up and have an image on your mind of what could be archieved as a motivation. its hard i know, im strugling with the same. just keep thinking about how much better you 'could' look. once you made progress and you see yourself losing weight or gaining muscle it is easyer to keep continuing. untill then pick yourself up
  3. bluegrey

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    I am not really able to go to a gym because I am very socially phobic and my perpetual OCD negative ruminations would probably just plague and demoralize me. I do exercise vigorously daily though because it not only absolutely keeps my depression bearable it also has had a very positive effect on my physique. Friends and family are constantly complementing me! My improved physique along with the discipline it takes to exercise despite insomnia's fatigue or depression's inertia killing/disheartening effect has increased my self esteem dramatically.

    After I started doing pushups/pullups and running virtually every day since Oct. '08 I have gone from 120 to 130lbs at five feet ten inches and no longer look like I've been in a Gulag. I feel SO much better in public knowing I no longer stand out physically. The discipline it takes to stick to an exercise program also keeps me from just living off of chocolate or other comfort foods which in the long run make you feel weak, mentally sluggish, MORE depressed and looking physically unhealthy.

    If you feel uncomfortable in a gym I would suggest getting a hiking pole and walking in nature trails or at the beach. It helps my depression enormously to be outdoors. If you have one it is nice to take a camera to chronicle some of the amazing critters or sights you will see. Another form of exercise which can be so much fun it that usually doesn't even seem like physical exertion is bicycling. I am going to try to bicycle regularly again this year- it really is a tremendously rewarding sport physically and emotionally.

    I am poor but I have an el cheapo Walmart elliptical machine ($180.00 USD) at my girlfriend's apartment. That machine definitely kept me from a suicide attempt more than once! I just rolled it up in front of her TV (indoor exercise machines can be very boring!) and burned off the torturous agitation of depression then took a shower- in private- very helpful when very emotionally fragile.

    Hope I helped a little. :smile: :showoff:
  4. aoeu

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    I personally can't see how any but the most dedicated go to a gym regularly. You can get healthy without that equipment - calisthenics as a mode of working out is ancient, and well-supported by science for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training. It takes no equipment and you can do it in any place you have a little space.
  5. Mordeci

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    Thanks for the replies, I ask because I am trying to loose weight and get in shape but my social phobia (and honestly lazyness) is stoping me from going to the gym. The thing is I lost weight before and I know I can go to the gym 5-6 times per week but, for some reason right now I just can't find the energy to get started, although I am feeling good about going tommrow I think.
  6. Mikeintx

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    Maybe try getting a workout partner?
  7. SelfMadePrison

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    Maybe adjusting your diet to start with if you still find yourself unable to go.. My sister lost 11 lbs in around 2 months because she actually started eating the calories she needed in a day- healthy calories as opposed to unhealthy calories - get more vegtables & fruit in your diet, drink more water and less pop/coffee/juice, go for whole grains, get your starches, decrease your sodium if you are getting an excess.

    I myself don't go to the gym but I go to a yoga studio everyday.. I force myself because the lonliness of social phobia is worse then feeling stared at.. and well if people want to stare, go right ahead because I am there for me! I am going to be doing a lot more walking out doors now that the snow here is almost gone.. time to discover my city!

    Good luck.
  8. plates

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    i don't go the gym cos it seems like a social networking place/club for my sister's crowd. they have to look their best to go to the gym :mellow:

    what i'd suggest is you start walking. an hour every day. then as you get used to fresh air, enjoying your surroundings, discovering new routes- (not sure where you live tho') you'll get a rush out of it and you'll keep doing it. that is more than any wasted subscriptions to a gyms that never go to use.
    when i started to run, it was like i had to do it, cos i just had to :dunno: it was a brilliant feeling for a month when i was putting all my efforts into consistently getting out there and working on pace/time/distance but at my rate. the only thing i was good at was cross country when i was younger which was why i liked to practice recently. maybe if you could think of things you liked as a child, and just go out there and do it, you wouldn't find it a chore.
  9. Remedy

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    When I used to go I got up and ready without thinking about it properly. Worked pretty well for a while.
  10. Ranxerox

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    There is a thread about motivation on the forum, i'll post a link to it when possible. Im sure it will help you. Training amongst all those people can be intimidating, especially if you have social phobia or self image issues. But once you start going, you will become more confidant and comfortable with it. When i first used the free weights i was very nervous, as i was very skinny compared to all the beasts who lurk there. But as my fitness levels grew, so did my confidence. So go for it, you need to force yourself to leave your comfort zone if you want to be happy.
  11. Gallstones

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    Ranxerox, I'd love to get that link.

    I need a Drill Sergeant, someone to call me and say "Get your ever widening ass out of the house and go to the gym. I will be waiting there for you, be there at 1800--no excuses!"

    Seriously, I would like that. However...........I started an exercise program and changed my eating habits back in August of last year. I have lost 50 pounds and become fit enough to do most of what I want. I enjoy the exercise when I do it and for a time after having done it. But, as of the day before yesterday my motivation has tanked along with my mood. It has become very hard to make myself leave the house. I was doing quite well too.

    I also joined a program offered by the Veteran's Admin called MOVE! And came in three weeks late to an activity challenge. The challenge being get 1500 activity minutes between May 1 and July 4. I made the 1500 in 2.5 weeks. It was a great motivator at first but even that has waned in influence.

    What has happened is that my primary motivator is gone. I wanted to do something but that doesn't look likely anymore. And caring about me just for me doesn't cut it. It's not enough. For the odd moment in time it seems like it is, but I can't sustain it.

    If I can just get ready to leave--still easy enough.
    If I can actually leave the house--my feelings of agoraphobia have resurfaced along with loss of interest.
    If I can do what I do------then I feel better.
    If I can just............:sad:

    Then, I start feeling all this anxiety and dread at losing the ground I have covered. I just can't go back to the way I was, I can't. Right now the fear of that IS my motivation, but it is doing heady battle with despair and "why fucking bother?"

    Fear or despair. Fear or despair? Which?
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  12. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    ive been on and off with the gym for like 2 years.
    my ideal is everyday 5-6 days a week like you.

    the less you think about it ive found..and just do it..
    the more you will. i dont think about it before hand. I put on music an hour before i go... to get myself to zone out sort of..
    ..and force myself into the car.

    im going to try also walking sometime..
    like walking around outside. and trust me its no picnic for me either.
    i live in arizona and its 100- 115 degrees f. regularly. even now..and its 8pm.
    its sweltering hot. the morning seems to be the only time i can do anything..

    maybe..alternate between today= gym ...tomorrow= walk outside
    and rotate those all week. maybe it will make it more interesting?
    and dont think about it! just do it. :3
    i hope that helps somehow. if not..atleast i tried. :/
  13. THEO

    THEO Member

    I dont go to gyms I workout outside i change my location everyday and switch it up, one of the good things about bieng in the army is they teach you how to get a great workout without weights.
    as far as motivation im so self conscious and honestly scared of peoples criticism I have to stay in shape.
    I just make my self whether I want to or not, and if you keep the workout intense and dont stop for more than 15 seconds you stay focused and it's over before you realise it
  14. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    ahh double post stupid comp.
  15. Malou

    Malou Well-Known Member

    For me such a stupid thing as a calender helped. I hang it on a cupboard in the kitchen, and everytime I have worked out, I make a mark on it. It seems childish, but just to have something to show for my work is a bit motivating.

    In the gym there is a steam bath, and in the winther I really love to sit in there, and sometimes on cold winther mornings I go to the gym and work out just to have an excuse to go in the steam room afterwards and sit in the warmth.

    I guess I am recommending to try and reward yourself in some way (not food related :tongue ) for training. Sometimes I have also promised myself stuff, like "if you go spinning three times a week for a month, you get new cycling shoes".

    For a quick fix, watching the TV-shop (the infomercials show) can be useful. They are always hyping some fitness device. It will brainwash you into wanting to work out and then buy their product, so be sure to leave for the gym before you actually buy anything though :) .
  16. SCUK2009

    SCUK2009 Well-Known Member

    I train 5 days a week most of the time. I'm a bodybuilder. I don't really need to motivate myself much because I've been in the routine for a while now. Although I can't actually go to the gym as I have a social phobia/agoraphobia.
  17. Jackie's Strength

    Jackie's Strength Staff Alumni

    Well, I just recently had to cancel my gym membership due to financial issues, but when I had one, it always helped to remember that I was paying for it, as superficial as that sounds. Also, I always felt better about myself after going. So I would try to remind myself of that. And beginning to see results helps too. Good luck!
  18. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Why go to a gym when the money you spend would be better spent on buying a few weights, a bench and building things up and expanding as you get some money.

    The price has gone way down for equipment and there are lots of benches out there which are like a multi gym in that they incorporate all sorts of basic exercises.

    I've known a few body builders, the sort who even went for the local competitions, all the fake tans and shaving all the body hair off! But when you get close to someone into body building you realise the dedication it takes. For most people, all we want is just to keep in good condition, to feel good more than look good although there is basic shape men would strive towards, usually more definition in muscles and that 'buzz' which you get after exercising for a good half hour or more. You sweat out the toxins also - unleash all that adrenalin which can build up into stress.

    So SCUK 2009, hope you got some advice there bro. I'm assuming you have some basic equipment to use at home?

    That said, you can build a nice body using nothing apart from a mop pole - a nice wooden which will not break. There are hundreds of ways of holding the pole which 'hit' on certain muscle sets and build up strength.

    Also a towel, in the right hands, can become equipment which can hit on lots of muscles, even your legs, if you lie down and so on.

    The Chinese have their exercises with just using the body itself - is it Tai Chi or something?
  19. Kaos General

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    If all you want is to lose weight then the gym is the wrong place to be because its just a massive waste of money. Only use the gym if you wanna build muscle.

    Just remember this, all those people you see at the gym who are huge and super fit, every single one of them found themselves in your place at one time or another.