how do you get over heartbreak?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by daisylea, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. daisylea

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    my heart is so broken. im deeply and madly in love with someone who i THOUGHT loved me back. everyone i want to talk to about the situation tells me im only 19 and dont know what love is. well whatever the fuck im feeling HAS to be pretty close to it. ive never had someone on my mind so much, never wanted someone to text me or call me so bad, i think about this boy every day all day, i cry thinking about it sometimes. it hurts me even more because i feel that he never felt for me the way i felt for him.
    its not a typical situation though..we didnt have a failed relationship, he didnt "leave me" for another girl, we were never together. we were best friends since i was 14 & the night after homecoming junior year when i was 17 we slipped up and had sex. after that we kept our friendship going, tried not to let it get in the way of things, we agreed to not talk about it so things didnt get weird and for a while we didnt. we acted as we normally did. but i started having certain thoughts sometimes, not about sex but about him. thoughts that i never had about him during our entire time being friends. then one night about a month or maybe 2 months later he confessed to me he had those thoughts too. this was without me even saying anything about how i had been feeling! it was completely random at a bonfire, we were sitting there talking about our senior trip and the riding arrangements when he suddenly got quiet and asked if he can tell me something. then he told me he *thought* he loved me. he told me how he had wanted to be more but didnt want to lose our friendship, how he was so confused. he even compared me to his girlfriend at the time, said how i was better and etc (they were not together when we had sex) and i bought into it i believed every fucking word because im a fucking idiot. after that we started hanging out more, still werent together, and we had sex once or twice after that. people would ask, why didnt we just get together. hell id even ask it sometimes. but we were both in complicated situations, he was in an on/off relationship and me and my ex were trying to work things out, it wasnt the right time. he asked me to be his girlfriend one night but i didnt know if he was serious so i panicked and said no..but still it didnt change anything but then after that summer things changed so much, we talked less. but still talked. it was just significantly less then the texting everyday and talking everynight like we used was like he was getting used to having me around. i cant really explain it. i knew what i was getting myself into catching feelings for him because he was always popular with girls, even when we were "just friends" so i knew i wouldnt be the only one. i think this might have been why i was so hesitant to actually be with him. im not sure. after we graduated last year we lost touch completely. hed like a status of mine on facebook every here and there, when he came back for the holidaysi saw him once or twice, he said hey. we briefly hooked up while he was home for spring break, silly me thought things were going back to how they used to be. wrong. the day after he went back to school i found out he had a girlfriend again, he cheated on me with his girlfriend. and still had the nerve to text me every now and then after that just casually. i was angry after i found out he had a girlfriend, angry because i felt like he was playing me. using me to get some while he was home. he never mentioned her once though but was it my fault for not asking? it pissed me off completely. so i told everyone we had sex while he was home for break and eventually it got back to the girlfriend. he knows i was telling people, so now were no longer friends or anything. we dont talk at all, and i miss him so much. i really do. i wanna know how you get over completely falling for someone? ive tried sleeping with other guys, drugs, alcohol, blocking him from social networks and everything. ive done everything to get him out of my life but he still remains in my head and its a struggle i face daily with these memories of us together, happy. i know hes worthless and just a typical guy, but some of it just seemed too real. it seemed so real, it almost had to be. but i know it wasnt. ive done eveything everyone has told me to do. eveything i would tell someone to do if i wasnt in the situation and nothing works..

    please, do you get rid of such heartache :( it hurts so bad...i dont want to spend this summer miserable
  2. total eclipse

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    YOU go out and find someone that is worthy of your affection you go out and enjoy living hun as a group of people you will meet someone new soon enough and he will just be a memory hugs
  3. Terry

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    ah! remembers this well!

    First love, it hangs around like a bad smell.
    Can you believe that at the grand age of 50 something I still dream about my first love :shy:
    But there have been 2 great loves since, so wait ..someone will come round and will sweep you off your feet.
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