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How Do You Get Places?

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Hi Everyone :)

I’ve got an appointment with my GP in an hour. It’s about 20 mins drive and I live alone, so I just go by myself. If I can’t manage that it’s quite a drama. I’ve used taxis before because my support is just so limited and public transport is more stress than it’s worth where I am.

I’m curious — how do you get to where you need to go?

Gypsy x


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Hi Gypsy

My GP is at the end of my road. If my husband comes with me, we walk. I tend to drive there if I'm on my own as I feel safer in my car, less conspicuous.

We live in a small village, public transport and amenities are very limited so having a car is pretty essential here. I love driving which is pretty lucky living here :)

Lu x


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I don't drive so I usually walk to where I need to go, as long as the weather is fine and it's 2 miles or less. Otherwise I get rides from friends and people I encounter along the way. Sometimes I take a taxi, but that can be expensive, and there is a van that goes around town for about a third of the price, so I get that when I can.


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Interesting thread.
I've never taken public transport in my own city, only when on vacation or something.
I just drive places. There's nothing even really close enough where I am right now to walk to. I'm in city housing area so it's all houses, houses, houses for quite a ways.


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I walk or I get rides from family. I live right next to a store and if I don't go to Walmart with family, I will go to the store next to me even if the prices are a little high. I live right next to a pharmacy as well and can walk there if I run out of medication. I also live near a dollar store and a few restaurants which I can also walk to.
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