how do you guys cope with work and depression?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by katblack77, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. katblack77

    katblack77 Active Member

    Just started a new job in sept and i have already been off 7 days. They have no idea that i suffer from depression and anxiety. How do you guys cope with having depression and work? Do you tell your boss? Have you had many days off work?
    Just some days I can't find the strength to face people in work and i have m.e which means i'm tired alot.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    What is your job role/title? Maybe telling your boss would be a good idea but it also depends on what kind of person they are and whether they would understand. In this day and age they should.
  3. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    I'd had so much time of work that I was given a warning. I mustn't have more than 5 days off in the following year Took me about two months to have those 5 days off. I got a final warning. Another day off and I was going to be sacked. I tried to explain to my boss about my depression and his very words were " I don't give a f**k about how you feel. I've got a business to run. Get over it or you're sacked". I woke up the following morning and sent him a text saying I would not be coming in again. Fortunately I'm pretty sure I've got another job starting in about a month so I was going to be leaving anyway.This probably tipped the balance but even if that wasn't the case there was no way I was going to work for someone with that kind of attitude. I've known other people who have had really understanding bosses who have gone out of their way to help and support them. I guess telling your boss all depends on who you work for. Bigger companies tend to be more understanding. Best of luck. I know how hard it can be. S.
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  4. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    juggling work and depression can be hard, when i first dropped into depression my company were very supportive, i had about 12 weeks off and nearly everyday they would call and see how i was, even now while at work my manager will sometimes just ask if i am ok.
    but i had been there for several years

    new jobs are harder but it may benefit you just to have a word with your boss and see what happens
  5. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    oh boy... I don't cope well with work and depression let me tell you. That explains why I don't last long at my jobs.

    btw, my advice would be not to tell your employers you are depressed. Because I did. And was promptly kicked out 'kindly' as it they gave me an exit interview and assured me I would get paid for my week's work and that everything wasn't my fault.

    I was going to resign anyway, but they were really short-handed and asked me to stay. They wanted to give me a few days off even to cool down. That is until I mentioned that I was depressed and needed to take prozac. They got me out of the office and processed my exit forms in record time.

    Oh just for your information. This happened in Singapore where 'human rights' is a dirty word and so are words like 'workers rights'. So employers can get away with firing you (without any sort of compensation) just because you are depressed. Maybe where you guys are living, workers are entitled to stuff so maybe your employers won't fire you for being depressed like mine did.

  6. Rosenrot

    Rosenrot Forum Buddy

    I just do it.

    I don't really have a choice.

    I either let depression ruin my life, or I just deal with it. There isn't much I can do. I depend on my job a great deal, and I can't mess it up.

    People are always going to give me shit, at work nonetheless, I just have to keep cool and do my job.
  7. Zooty

    Zooty Active Member

    My advice is to be honest about it, most employers/companys have an understanding of mental health issues and will be supportive of you. It may help to get a doctors note to confirm and making a deal with them that u will try making up hours or arrange your own cover if your going to have a day off, if you seem willing to help them they will be more willing to help you :) it might not always be possible but trying to show your employer that you are putting the effort in and who knows it may make you feel better too x
  8. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    Is your depression related to your ME in anyway? If so & they know about the ME it might be easier to bring up & tell them.

    I hid my depression for 2 & a half years from my employer, I was constantly anxious & was getting warnings for my attendance but I didn't feel I was able to tell them about my depression which in turn made me feel more depressed. It's a vicious circle.

    Anyhow, lately my depression was getting worse & I had no option but to tell my manager & they couldn't have been more supportive about it all. They now know when I am having a bad day & they help me through it, they have also referred me to Occupational Health & there is a good chance that I may be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

    If you feel comfortable with your manager then perhaps it's best to mention it. Even look into DDA & see if it could apply to you. Obviously employers do vary & there is still an awful stigma attached with Mental Health Issues but I would definitely say it has been in my best interest to tell my employers. If you don't feel comfortable with your own manger then perhaps you could taslk to another manager or trade union rep (if you have one).

    I wish you all the best & please let us know how you are.

    Claire xx
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