How do you guys deal with body hair?

Discussion in 'Appearance and Body Image' started by Ange, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Ange

    Ange Active Member

    I'll start: I don't. I think that body hair is extremely disgusting, so when it started to appear on me I did the "laser therapy" and now I'm rid of it forever, just have to redo the therapy from times to times. Some say that this results in cancer after some years, I'd say that a fair price for having a perfect skin.
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  2. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Many solutions. Waxing, nair, threading, shaving, plucking and so on

    Laser doesn't need to be an only option for you if you're worried about Cancer
  3. LittleLottie

    LittleLottie New Member

    Just started waxing cuz I hate razor bumps.
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  4. Shorty92

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    I hate having body hair too! I usually wax/creams. But I’m going to be lasered after christmas. I’m so excited!
  5. MarkahMalady

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    I barely have any and it makes me feel like less of a woman/impossible to sexualize.
  6. Petal

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    I was getting sized for a bra today and felt a bit embarrassed that my under arms weren't shaved but usually they are shaved. I don't think body hair is gross but feel pressured by society to shave. I get my eye brows waxed. But body hair is only natural so really I shouldn't be embarrassed. Peer pressure I guess.
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  7. littlelucy

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    Everything causes cancer. I actually get laser hair removal on my forehead. I have weird hairline issues. I wish I could afford to get it on my legs. For now I just shave.
  8. walkerbait95

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    Just let it all grow out like a hairy shaggy beast? Oh wait, I'm clearly in the wrong place. Sorry, ladies. :) xo