How do you guys get through a bad night

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by JKuhnz, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. JKuhnz

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    While I constantly suffer from depression, admittedly some nights are worse than others. In my previous posts I mentioned a girl that I was talking to that we've become quite close in a short amount of time. A week back my friend warned me about her going behind my back and talking to other guys and having slept with them while we were talking.

    Even though I constantly feel hopeless and expect the worst. For some reason I have an annoying trait that I don't give up on people. I see the best in them and see the chances even if they aren't there. So stupidly, I talked to her and took her back because she assured me I could trust her. Suddenly everything felt right again and we were back to normal. Tonight I get a call from a friend saying shes been talking to the same guy the same time we were talking and saying the same things to him as well. Finally I said something to her, not just me, but my friend who told me flipped out on her.

    She continued to deny it and stated that this was the last time any of us were going to hear from her and I should have a nice life. The worst part is even after all this shit talking to her has become so regular for me that hearing her say "I'm done speaking to you" stings worse than anything. Its like an end statment, end game. No hope coming back from it.

    So tonight at 1 am I'm juggling with what hurts worse. Being cheated on and lied to, or coming to the realization there isn't coming back from this one. Its a bad night. I tried talking to friends. I tried browsing youtube, I tried sleeping. I can't get my mind off it. What does everyone do to get through the particularly bad nights.
  2. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    Simple, we come here
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    Coming here is a great start.

    Reading other threads can help trigger coping ideas. Being in a supportive environment is key.

    Learning to assess others and determine what part of a situation is "theirs" vs "yours." It sounds like in your sitaution the girl and her behavior was the issue. Being able to frame it as her behavior made her someone very different from the person you pictured yourself liking works for me. Still hurts, though - no getting around that.
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