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How do you know if your having a nevours breakdown?

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How does one no if they are having a nevrous break down ?
Im so confused Im not sure if i ve got depression or am having a break down.
Every one thinks that Im just mad maybey they are right.
Well, when I have a nervous breakdown, I tend to cry and get mad. Its a combination of all sorts of feelings. I tend to get low on myself and draw away from the world. I cry myself to sleep and i get angry, then sad. Its usally triggered by a specific event (starting a new job, new school) Almost anything, and sometimes nothing in particular. I know this post is probably no help but I thougt id give it a shot, i hope it helps at least a little


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I don't want to scare you into thinking you're having a breakdown, but it's usually something like suddenly crying a lot, having really intense depression, self destruction, loss of appetite etc.

It's pretty hard for a regular person to describe it exactly, I think.
I knew I had a nervous breakdown when I had to leave work for the second time in the same week because my emotional state was so fragile I couldn't handle my work and then later I starting acting irrationally and hearing things that weren't there.

I had to be taken to the hospital and ended up in the "special ward" and drugged to within an inch of my life. Incidentally, this all started because my alcoholic father had just had a nervous breakdown from mixing steriods with alcohol (which he'd been told not to do) and I couldn't handle his lapse of sanity and the stresses of my new job.

So all I can say is that, from my experience, it's one of the scariest places you can go, because your mind basically "breaks" under the strain of the stress, and you're living in a nightmare world.

However, you can come back from the abyss. I still suffer from severe depression, but thank goodness, not anything so severe that I lose touch with reality. Although considering what reality is like these days, I'd like to upgrade mine.:laugh:
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