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How do you know if you're in a crisis?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by bottleneck, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. bottleneck

    bottleneck Member

    I've been off my meds for 3-days and that usually means my suicidal thoughts consume me. I kind of like getting here because I can easily convince myself suicide is a good idea. Is that a crisis? or is it when I'm standing at the edge of a cliff ready to jump. Or is the crisis when I'm looking through all the pills in my house trying to decide if they'll do the trick? But yet my therapist doesn't seem to really get how f*****d I feel and we just sit and talk and I cry and then I come back next week for another round.

    I don't want to exist. I'm tired of existing...I'm no good at living, I have OCD that consumes me some days, an executive function disorder which has made my entire adulthood one failure after another. I love my kids but they're doomed to failure because of my sh***y example.
  2. darkgirlforever

    darkgirlforever Active Member

    I would say that if you seriously want to kill yourself then yeah that is a crisis. And no you don't have to be right on the verge of jumping off a cliff or anything to be in crisis mode. I understand that sometimes life feels like its not worth living. When i get this way i try really hard to think of the positives.Like for instance your kids love you and even though you may mess up sometimes like a normal human being they still love you because you are important to them. Life without meds can be rough but you can get through it. I hope this helped even if only a little bit.
  3. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    It's a crisis when you've moved beyond thinking about it and you're to the point that you're actually ready to do it. I think about suicide often, sometimes even romanticize the idea... but usually I'm thinking about it as something I'll do "some day". I know I'm in a crisis when I get so down that I'm sitting alone in a dark room, listening to sad music, crying, thinking about how much my life sucks and how it will always suck, loading my gun and wondering what people will think when they find my dead body. When you're on the edge and it's gone beyond the planning stage and onto the preparation stage, that's when it's become a crisis - that's when you need to reach out to somebody you know you can count on to help talk you out of it.
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