How do you know when you 'like' alcohol too much?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by possessednomad, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. possessednomad

    possessednomad Well-Known Member

    How would you define an addiction to alcohol? a dependancy?

    im not dependant, but i was drunk most of today, mostly down to feeling down and i feel a teenage williness to drink in the morning. i had some irish cream for breakfast.

    it sometimes eases my pain a little bit but i want to avoid drinking too much as i know numerous people who are addicted. how do you know when you start getting a little too into it?

  2. I had a phase in my life where I was an alcoholic. I found plan my day around alochol... another sign is you like to drink alone... i guess that's all addictions, huh??
    well, I guess the best way not to get addicted is not try at all... if you've already tried, then moderation is the key.... but what do I know? I'm an addict too.
    take care... and I hope you won't like drinking too much... just remember not too drink and drive.... peace

  3. I just hate alcohol. I havent been drinking any for a while, which is good for me. Personally I'd say dependency is starting when/if you only prefer the strongest stuff. However, another sign may be when you will drink anything at all(like having to budget so you buy the cheapest stuff as long as you have something to drink. Another sign may be drinking to cure a hangover(a myth that I heard long ago. I think it's just an excuse to drink more). Another is your level of consumption.... if it is increasing at any rate you might have a problem. Making justification for yourself which allow you to drink believin it's "right", for lack of a better word. Can't stop yourself. Like thinkin you should not yet coming up with any reason and using this reason to just go ahead, or knowing you shouldn't but not caring and doing it anyway, or drinking for no reason at all, or not caring if you drink too much(I see ppl drink vomit, drink more vomit more, repeat process).
    Then there are the very obvious signs
    1. Drunken stupors
    2. Blackouts
  4. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    I've only been drunk once; although tried to become a few times; and I have some of those symptoms, already. Only want to drink alone (which is what you should do, though; it's unsafe, otherwise), only want the strongest stuff, and the time I got drunk, I had more, even though I knew I didn't have to. Also got a blackout that time; still can't remember what I did before going to bed. It felt so nice taking it... I often think back on it with fond memories. All other times I've taken far less, were great times, as well.

    I have a lot of alcoholics among my relatives... I probably really should stay away from alcohol. When I move to my apartment, there's quite a risk I might start drinking... I want to due to my depression... it numbs it so well. The main reason holding me back is that it has a negative effect on your appearance, due to weight gain, mainly. Also, my father is an alcoholic, and I hate how he becomes when he drinks... I've always sworn I won't become that way. Although, I haven't, when I've taken alcohol... but maybe it changes with time.
  5. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think if you have to ask that question, you've already got a problem. I know I do. I drink too early in the day, just to feel "normal", and continue drinking throughout the day, just because I can. Therefore, it's a problem. But just wondering if it's a problem, seems to me, makes it a problem. I know I have a problem I just haven't done anything about it yet.:sad:
  6. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    hmmm... i'm not really sure... but the others have a few points...

    i myself perfer stronger drinks.. used to drink beer when i was like 12-14... then i started drinking vodka and gin... now i'm drinking 151...

    also i do sometimes plan my day around drinking...
    when my girlfriend isn't allowed out or is going somewhere and i won't be able to see her.... i plan on drinking.. mostly because i don't like drinking with her or being drunk in front of her..
    my schedule is like... wake up... couple shots of 151 and then a few glasses of bacardi gold 2-3.. might listen to some music.. dance, alone :sad:... then i either work out or sleep.. try and sober up before the father comes home.. then i will drink some more before bed..

    i also tend to drink alone.. i mean its fun with others but it kind of pisses me off because my friends can't keep up with me.. they don't have a taste for the good stuff like me..

    anyway... the point is.. that.. mmm... what was it... i don't know anymore..

    its obvious that you like it too much when... mmm.... its plays a large role in you life..

    yea.. eh.. whatever.. just my thoughts
  7. Believe

    Believe Well-Known Member

    I've been asking myself the same question. I've wondered if I have/had an alcohol problem. For me, drinking socially seems to be just fine. However, I have started to drink alone, which is a problem. I think that when you a) start to hide your drinking and b) prefer living under a haze of intoxication to being sober, that's when the real problem starts.

    Sounds like a perfect time for us both to make a change! :)
  8. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I'll send you my son...he has decided to become the booze :police: :dry:
  9. haha lol if uv had that many wasted nights, lost everything been beaten up, raped in fields by guys u dont know then you still drink even the cheap rubbish, or =fill life up with other addictions, caffeine, graSS, nicotine, lol then you know ur an addict,
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