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How do you know when you meds. arent working anymore?

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I was trying to figure this out I came by a post(see below) that had some views but no answers.

my question is ??

I am just wondering if my meds are not working as good as they used to or just me feeling suicidal but more than usual.

any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have also posted this in medications post not sure which will get me any answers but they both apply to me
old post -- How do you know when you meds. arent working anymore?

Hi, wondering if anyone has felt this or has any experiences..... Im not sure how to "handle" things while I try and get them adjusted I hope next Tuesday.
It is quite possible if you have been on the medication for sometime now that your body has built up an immunity to the medication. This is quite common for long time users of any meds.

Same for people who take Tylenol all the time and it works great for them, one day it just isn't doing what it used to.

Perfectly ok, talk to your doctor and they can help you find a new medication that works for you. I'm very glad that you are recognizing this and seeking out help. Suicidal thoughts aren't a choice, but seeking help is.

Good for you on standing up and fighting for your life! :biggrin:

Best of Luck to you and if you every need to talk, feel free to PM me.
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