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How do you know when you meds. arent working anymore?

I was trying to figure this out I came by a post(see below) that had some views but no answers.

my question is ??

I am just wondering if my meds are not working as good as they used to or just me feeling suicidal but more than usual.

any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have also posted this in suicide forums post not sure which will get me any answers but they both apply to me hope it is not to repetitive

old post -- How do you know when you meds. arent working anymore?

Hi, wondering if anyone has felt this or has any experiences..... Im not sure how to "handle" things while I try and get them adjusted I hope next Tuesday.


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If you think your meds are not working, or not working as well, then you should go back to your doctor. Explain how you are feeling, and explain that you are concerned that your meds are not working as well, because you feel worse than you did before. The doctor will then be able to make an informed judgement on whether they need changing, or upping, or staying the same.

It can take a while to find the meds that work best, so keep trying, and keep fighting.

Take care and good luck

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