How do you make the pain go away?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by t00whomitmayconcern, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. t00whomitmayconcern

    t00whomitmayconcern Active Member

    I can only take it away with cigarets and beer but that only last a couple.
  2. happypeople

    happypeople Active Member

    cigarettes and beer, that doesnt sound quite strong enough to take away the pain...
  3. jonstark

    jonstark Well-Known Member

    That only works for a short while and then you have the post-alcoholic depression thing.
  4. t00whomitmayconcern

    t00whomitmayconcern Active Member

    thats why ive bucked it up to moonshine
  5. Up&down

    Up&down Well-Known Member

    For me my pain was caused by fear, anxiety, loss and the fear of losing what I had, a broken heart and deppression, then I used alchohol which was my best friend at the time to numb it all, I used alcholhol far to much for far to long it became my worse enemy and turned against me.
    For me I had to deal with everything, I had to stop drinking, get on med's lithium to stablize my moods etc , then work through all off the stuff that caused me to drink in the first place, they told me FEAR stands for face everything and recover.
    It worked for me I just wish I didn't have to go through 15 years of drinking morbid amounts of alchohol which caused me to lose everything and end up in jail. whist in jail i soon realized life inside without ale is better than life out here drinking alchoholicly.
    Alchol is a depresant in itself, it will make you feel better for a while but you will wake up with nightmares things will feel ten times worse than before.
    Please go and see your doctor get the help you deserve.
    A friend of mine KIM who was 38 a stunnig girl with a bright future had depression and had suicidal thoughts for a few months, anyway she was coping well but one weekend last summer had some bad news whilst I was away.
    She bought 3 litre bottles of Vodca one Friday continued to drink them that weekend until I got back on Sunday found her In a terrible state got an ambulance, she was taken into hostpital and after three weeks of horrendous pain through pancritus and liver damage she died, her last words to me was "I didn't or don't really want to die I realize that now" with that she was gone, her two children 18 & 14 where there at the time.
    If anyone is feeling bad get help please, I don't want anyone else to got through that, even the nurse who was looking after her cried.

    Ps. I saw Kim's daughter at a leisure centre where she works earlier this evening, she is 19 now a real head turner just like her mum, but you look in her eyes and there is no life there the girl has lost all her whit and personality and from speaking to her for a short time she has clear problems to over come over this, it's heart breaking.
    Ps. sorry for crap spelling
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  6. t00whomitmayconcern

    t00whomitmayconcern Active Member

    i have no doc and well i am depressed not by fear or any thing else im just sick of life and huanted by my past. hell the last time i went to the doctor for anythin was when i was nine. they dont help only make things worse. hell alchahol is the poor mans cure for every thing. theres only one way to get rid of the pain and memories for good.
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  7. Up&down

    Up&down Well-Known Member

    If you are botherd by your past deal with the issues one by one, I still have things poping up a bighting my bum from years ago today I'm not affraid to face anything.
    Life is hard sometime but it's how we deal with it the problem.
    There is plenty of help out the but only a small percent is decent.
    Change your doctors ring NHS direct and ask for a practice near to you that specialies in deppression or even go to your own a demand to be reffered to your local mental health centre, they don't come our looking for you, you have to find them.
    The effort you put in will make you feel much better and you will kick yourself that you never did it a long time ago.
  8. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    xanax :huh:
  9. t00whomitmayconcern

    t00whomitmayconcern Active Member

    cant deal with it and i cant trust help profesionals all they do is lie to you and medicate you so youll shut up. You cant stop being huanted by your past and you can only drown it out for so long.
  10. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Dude, TBH, good medication is the only thing I have ever found that allows me to let go of my past and move on.

    I need somehting to block it out. Otherwise, the negative outlook just overwhelmes me.

    They say that you can confront your past and deal with it, and change the outlook that it has created.

    But like I said, I have been in therapy for along time. Meds are the only thing ever helped me.
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