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How do you manage to get over anxiety?

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I had my mom sign me up for tennis lessons but I'm truly afraid of going, not because I'm fat and don't want people seeing me run - I can care less about that. But just going there and being around more than 2 people.

I know I need to get over this before I go to college, since I'll be 1500 miles away from home and 50 miles from my boyfriend. Are there any special things you do or say to yourself to try to shake off social anxiety - or at least make it shrink a tad bit?

I use my xanax that was prescribed to me only in emergency situations, and I really don't want to rely on using it there :\


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This is how you deal with anxiety: JUST DO IT! Stop thinking and ACT and you can do things that freak you out.

...But easier said than done. You might look into chronic anxiety meds, they generally have no real side effects and help all the time, not just in emergencies; I have both chronic and acute meds and using them together as appropriate does the most good.

Meditation is something you can look into, it's very helpful. Regular exercise helps a lot too - but you're afraid to exercise in this case!

Also, I hypnotised myself the other day to not be self-conscious about wearing my back brace in public and I get stared at constantly and I don't mind a bit! This has been the most amazing thing I've ever done with regards to anxiety.

And, you're correct to not want to use it there. Benzos are pretty strong sedatives, which isn't good for tennis.


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i agree with aoeu.my steps:
forcing my mind to flat out decide what its afraid of in any situation
deciding if it is dangerous to my physical health and well being
if it is not, doing said action
its easier for me to approach with the attitude of "oh worst case scenerio" and kind of challenging it. but it does take a lot of investment and work often to get there to do it consistently. best thing i can advise is dont over think this...it just feeds the anxiety.


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^^ I agree. My therapist always tells me that the only way I can get rid of anxiety, is to do things that make me anxious over and over and over.

It sucks, right? I hate that that's the only way to get over it, but I think she's right. I find it helps to keep reminding yourself of the purpose, since approaching fears doesn't give the same instant gratification as avoiding them. Keep reminding yourself that you feel miserable now, but the fact that you're going through with it means that it will be less miserable next time. And some day it won't be miserable at all.

Good luck!


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My therapist says if your anxouis about going in say a store that it's o.k. too leave.. The key is yoou need to go back to that store the same day once yoou have calmed down..That was just an example.. The reasoning behind it is you have done something positive and didn't let the negative thought have merit..


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thank you guys soo much for the input, I saw my medicine lady today and she put me on another antidepressant/anxiety medication, although it won't help me out on Tuesday, it'll help me out with future issues. As far as tennis Tuesday, I'll go there and give it my all. I mean, people are there solely to play tennis and racquetball, not to stare at me and make fun of me and all of that stuff that I automatically think.

Again, thanks so much. Getting feedback from others helps me out tremendously.
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