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how do you reach out for help?

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i feel lately that i am not doing well, i feel like i am going to go soon. but i have cut off contacts with the rest of the world as much as possible. everybody i get in touch with sooner or later ends up leaving me, even professional help. i have severe trust issues and dont know if i can ever dare to fully open up, i dont know where to find help. i want to open up and get rid of this agonising thoughts but i have nobody i trust enough to say out openly, and i dont know how to get professional help that i can open up to without having to be ashamed. lately every time i go out i feel like i am the weird one, i am the unadjusted one, that i have no social value anymore. i dont know if there is something wrong with me, and if there is whether i should talk openly with someoneabout it or if the cure is worse than the condition if i would speak openly. the thing is i dont trust anyone well enough anymore to go heart-to-heart
I'm sorry you are feeling this way. :console:

Trust takes a long time to build and when it has been tested and broken time and time again it can take us a long time to try to even trust again.

If you don't have a counsellor/therapist - would you think about meeting a couple and then deciding who you feel comfortable with and trying that out for a while? Don't rush yourself or put pressure on yourself. It can take a good while to feel even half comfortable with a therapist or similar, especially when it comes to discussing the hard things in our lives.

You should never feel ashamed. Yes - it is easy for me to say - because at times I, too, feel the same. To get over this hump I will type or write things out for my therapist as I cannot get the words out at times.

But no shame, never. Therapists/counsellors have seen and heard it all and they are there for YOU, to help just you.

What about phone counsellors? Would that be an easier start for you? Or I'm not sure where you are but www.crisischat.org where at least you can chat anon, it might help as a starting point?

I wish you the best, take care.
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It's hard for me to open up to people as well. If you're looking for help maybe google professionals in your area and talk to someone.

I'm sure if you do a little research you can find someone to talk to. I hope you feel better.
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