How do you recover from an attempt

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Unsupergirl, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    The night before last, I sort of attempted to die...I say sort of because I only did enough to leave it up to fate. I knew I might wake up, I might not. Now I'm still here and I'm not sure how to cope with what I've done. I keep wanting to talk to my wife about it, she doesn't know, but she's not safe to talk to right now, it feels like she's been looking for reasons to fight. I can't really get mad at her, I'm no better, but I just don't feel safe.

    If anyone out there has attempted suicide and is still here, how do you cope with those feelings? I'm feeling shock, shame, fear, and yes, a little regret that I failed. I'm such a mess right now, physically as well because of what I did to myself, I'm hurting and I feel like I just have nowhere to go from here. I'm lost.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You talk to someone you do feel safe with YOUR DOCTOR being the first one a person who can get your help resources therapy to help your suicidal ideation not be so present in your life
    talk to a therapist someone that is trained to help you. Call a crisis line you don't have to give your name but talk to them ok they will listen and not judge you
    You go to emergency dept of your hospital let them know what you took so they can flush your system so there is no permanent damage to you organs
  3. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    I honestly can't think of a safe person. I tried to get into therapy again but I'm still waiting on a call for an appointment. I don't think there's much point to going to the ER 2 days later, I feel like hell but I doubt theres anything left that could be flushed out.
  4. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    I just left a message with mental health services to follow up about an appointment, but I don't know how long it will take, and I'm not sure how to cope right now
  5. noone

    noone Member

    Just wondering if you are OK?
  6. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    I'm really not. Thank you for asking. I half dialed the crisis line today but I just couldn't do it
  7. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    I'm feeling a bit better today, not in crisis at least.
  8. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I think you should go and see a doctor to get yourself checked over following your attempt to ensure that physically you have healed. They may not be able to flush anything out of your system but they can take bloods to make sure they are normal and recovering and if not they can help treat that. I would perhaps also suggest speaking to a help line if you feel like there is nobody who you can talk to IRL to talk about your feelings and situation. It will help lift the weight off your shoulders a little. If you still feel like you are in danger of attempting you should head to the ER ASAP.
  9. Unsupergirl

    Unsupergirl Active Member

    Well, I WAS feeling a bit better, that's down the toilet now...back to fighting with my wife. I told her I didn't feel safe talking to her about what was going on, and she lost her shit on me, slamming the door etc. Which is all the more upsetting because she's said the same thing to me in the past.
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