How do you stop the sadness?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by slc, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. slc

    slc New Member

    I don't know how to stop the overwhelming sadness. I've been through a hospitalization, php, attempt, therapy, psychiatrist, diagnosis is depression but I am in constant emotional turmoil with certain triggers. I have children so feel like a horrible mom but it is so hard to function. The meds help to a degree. There's just constant emotional turmoil inside me. And only people in treatment or on forums such as this understand. Dying is not an option but this is not living.:(
  2. Winslow

    Winslow Antiquitie's Friend SF Supporter

    The only way I can answer your question is by explaining how I learned how to cope with my own depression. My depression is separate from my schizophrenia. For the schizophrenia,I see my therapist periodically. But for my depression, I resolved it myself by using Buddhism.

    Although Christianity is good too, but Christianity does not answer all my problems, mainly how to cope with emotions. So for emotion-control, I turn to Buddhism and Zen meditation. What I've learned is that the suicidal state is almost analogous to Zen as far as mushin which means "no mind." In other words, in mushin,you have to consider yourself as "nothing" which is how a suicidal person feels anyway. This feeling of mushin (nothingness) is what you use to eliminate your emotions. This is achieved through Buddhist zen-meditation. So you see that in the suicidal state and the Buddhist state, there is a similarity or overlapping, except that in Buddhist meditation,you use it constructively to eliminate emotions, be it anger, or desires, or in your case, depression.
  3. markanderson10

    markanderson10 New Member

    Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you have to just work through whatever it is that is making you sad. Sometimes simply the passing of time helps. I don't think there is any easy cure.Once we accept a feeling, instead of trying to deny it, it has a chance to change and pass.
  4. kellylife

    kellylife Member

    Listening to music, reading some funny stories, or just cry then go to bed.
  5. fallingangie

    fallingangie Well-Known Member

    Try to overcome the problem that you are facing in life recently, more importantly, try to recognize what is the problem trapped inside your heart and you never let yourself speak to it. Once you can identify all the things in life that bothers you, start fighting it, even if u don't win you will know that you tried and in that way it will allow you to accept things happily. Hence, all your turmoil comes to an end, your random negative thoughts will not effect you as much since you have either overcome it or accepted it. In this way, you might actually get rid of the damn depression.
  6. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    find a new therapist that works with depression try different medication that is stronger perhaps keep talking here blogging venting it out we are listening sometimes thats all it takes is to have someone listen and understand
  7. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    After a long day of work, then coming home to mother my children, I finally learned to give myself some of that mothering. I would hug myself and tell myself it was okay. I also learned to do my part each day and not try to do others parts too.

    Take little minutes for yourself. Focus on the color of something for a few minutes, especially something from nature. It helps to clear the mind and some of the negative emotions too.

    I hope you feel better soon. :hug:
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