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How do you think friends in general act to eachother?


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Based on your past experiences, how do you think friends in general act to eachother?

For me, especially from my experience from my toxic friend for 15 years (I'm too tired out from my cold to go on more about the history I have with him again) I guess friends are like this:

Me: Hiiiiya ^-^
A general nice friend: Do you fuck your own mother??????????????????????????

[^ This is because the very toxic manipulate My very best friend for 15+ years in a row on the internet, he linked to that one video from that one gaming guy from some game show on G4 or something and its on youtube now where the video opens up with him looking directly at the camera after very bad rumors about him were being made, and he opened up the video by saying "DO YOU FUCK YOUR OWN MOTHER????????",

and since my very mean rude toxic ex-best-friend-for-15-years that played over 30+ online games with me and sometimes called me his younger bro and at some points said he might be gay for me and stuff,

he accused me of doing things I wouldn't do and are more like things that fit his type of behavior, so I guess all friends do that and its basically the same thing as the gaming show guy opening up his youtube video to his internet audience of super close trusted mutual best friends by saying "Do you fuck your own mother??????? Like that's so insulting, you guys are saying I did really bad things, so how does it feel to hear it from me, to hear ME accuse you of something very terrible that you would never do? It feels pretty bad, huh?" or whatever.

Me: no... anyways what's up?
My best friend: [links to furry pron] my prostate has been blowing up the doctor said I've actually been touching myself TOO much and [etc]

[my best friend said those things and would CONSTNATLY link me to furry pron even though I promise I have no interest in it, but I'd pretend to click on it and say "nice" or w/e to be kind, he'd do that way too much though, oh also many times if I'd message him he'd snap and write in caps at me saying he's busy looking at furry pron or having furry roleplay smex on Second Life and that I'm bothering him doing those things and he'd get super mad at me and offended but I didn't know he was busy]

anyways besides that idk much about how friends act cuz I have no friends and he's one of the only friends I had and he made all my other friends hate me and like him instead.

we had a very close mutual trusted loving relationship, though.. like when we went to play SNES online and he reminded me first that I'm not really his friend and that he just "uses" me to play games with online, and that one time we played Final Fantasy XI online together and whenever we made it to a town he told me in the chat to unparty with him because he's "embarassed to let others know that we're friends" and he'd make sexual jokes about my friends and ex's when we played SNES games online and when I fell in the lava and died while reading his sudden text messages (they dissapear kinda quick in the chat) he'd laugh and say its funny watching me mess up when he makes jokes like that and that it's cute when I'm mad.

anyways what do friends act like, in your experience? I sadly don't have much experience with having friends.


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Anyone who treats you badly or without respect is not a true friend. Friends are there to help and support each other and hopefully to have some fun with. I had a huge clear out of all the people in my life who I realised were not real friends. I don't have many left but those I do have I am thankful for.


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GAAAH and I think someone just tried to tell me that guy is still good friends with my internet Sensei old friend that he brain-washed into randomly hating me for no reason or whatever.

whic h I already knew tho but uh

but then the guy kept saying I'm "not mature" and I said I am and he keeps saying "No you are not." and stuff

how do I prove that I AM MAD MAD mature while puking up a buffalo's ass, up the hizzay?!?!?! I am mad mad mature, I am mad ze..matureness of ze..matureablenessnessnessable!!!nessable... How do I show.. my mature internet Sensei.. that I am MAAAAAAAAAAAAD super dupah mature? I'm a supah dupah manly man mature manly mature person to ze maxness... awah... eep..


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*I'm not obsessed with my internet Sensei though and I don't wanna be friends with them cuz I don't think they wanna be friends with me and I respect that (but I do wish I could be their friend but I respect their wishes)

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"Don't fear mistakes. There are none." Miles Davis
I dreamed last night that I had no friends and that still hurts. In reality my husband is my best friend, and I have one close friend and a few casual friends.

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