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How do you..?

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Think you need to talk about it, get out all the feelings it caused and then you can put it where it belongs.
Yeah, thats not going to happen. Talking was a one time thing, quite possibly the worst thing I ever did. Denial's good, but doesnt really work as well with where I'm living, harder to forget. Isnt there a way of just erasing memories or just not caring about it anymore somehow?


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If only it were that simple.

We would all take a pill for that one.

But then we would'nt be who we are any more

You might think that's a good thing, but believe me its not.
Ok, well if anyone has any suggestions which don't involve talking or preferably thinking then that'd be great. I intend to start the new yr positively and could do without dwelling on memories, being scared etc. I know, couldnt we all, but maybe theres summat I havent thought of, hence the asking.
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