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how do you....

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help someone who's depressed who is in your family, who doesnt want help? i mean... how do you cope with it? i mean it doesnt exactly help that he also has the tendancy to be abusive at times, and it doesnt really help either that mum's all upset about it too and expects me to have the answer to things with dad. i mean... i dont, obviously. I DONT NEED THIS, I WANNA BE A TEENAGER!!

in a way i wish i could help dad but i cant. i mean... i'm his kid, and theres the whole thing about him being abusive. i cant really do much. he's meant to help himself... i know i have to give him leeway and stuff and i mean like i know this IS a suicide forum and a depression forum so there are prolly peeps that are in his position, so i shouldnt really bag him in case other people get all offended, but still i get so fucking FRUSTRATED at him, and mum, and the whole situation. its almost no wonder i wanna move out.

i wish mum would leave.... but you dont leave someone who's depressed. its inhumane. but its my fault mum's still in the marriage even. she's made it clear more than once that if it wasnt for me, she'd have left. i piss everyone off it seems, just by existing. i mean first i screw it all up by being female, instead of the son they were all expecting, and now i'm the cause of mum staying here and becoming the emotional wreck she is. its all my fault, aint it, huh?!

wtf i'm making no sense... i mean i sound like i'm backing him now.......arrrrrrrrggghhh


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im not sure what to tell ya hun... tbh i don't think there is really much that can be done about your dad.

it isn't your fault tho, not at all. you are the kid, and, unfortunately, you have no control over what happens. you can't blame yourself for any of this! esp the fact that you're female. you had no choice in that. sure we can get into the genetics aspect of all that, but for sanity's sake, that shit is random. if they were expecting a son(which tbh i don't get how someone could do that), well, thats their problem. you still deserved to be treated rightly and not brought down for something you cant control. imo it is complete crap for your mom to say that you're the reason she doesn't leave. thats a lame-ass excuse if you ask me. she should leave, and take you with obviously. and it isn't leaving someone who's depressed, its leaving someone who is abusive.

btw you don't piss off everyone just by existing
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