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how do you..

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I use to try, but I cant be bothered trying anymore. It takes too much effort...

If I feel happy, I feel happy...if I feel like shit, depressed, or in one of those "death modes" as I call them...then thats how it is..

Its a pity it effects other people to a degree, but I cant be bothered trying to hide it anymore.

Even though ill be starting to get treatment soon...nothing in reality has improved at all, in fact its getting worse. I hope the psych can lead me in the right direction...because it really is my last hope.
i know what you mean MJ. like when im at home i dont bother half the time because i cant pretend to be completely fine around my flatmates 24/7. probably should though. its just too tiring.


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It is possible, but not really worth it.
I've been pretending to be fine for 5-6 years, and now it's hard to stop.
Having trouble saying that I'm not fine to my best friends, so they never know if I need support. :sad:
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