How do yuo know when someones actually your friend?

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I dont know anymore I have been going through a lot of stuff recently and have lots of thin relationships that don't mean anything.
I've been trying to figure that question out myself lately. I think if were lucky we make one or two true friends in a life time. The rest I feel like I play some kind of role for (I am who they want me to be). Or I fulfill some kind of need they have at the time, and when I no longer fulfill that need their gone. People come, and people go. I guess:dry:


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i believe a true friend is one who will support you no matter how youre doing. he/she will talk to you , be with you, and so on, no matter if you are doing fantastic or horrible. a true friend, i also believe will tell you the truth about things. i also think a true friend is one that wants the best for the other person. a true friend is a person that doesnt have to many , if any expectations of the other (if you do this for me i will do this or i dont want to see you if you cant do this are what i consider expectations). a true friend is someone that you can be yourself around without fear of being made fun of, put down, hurt, or embarrased.


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Thats certainly not an easy question to answer. Thought I do have some of my own criteria on that makes a true friend or not. Such as your friend always listening to what you have to say, no matter what it is and that he/she will not rush to judgements or conclusions about you.
good question, i don't rightly know. i haven't had a friend to hang out with since high school. i only really had 1 friend in high school and i use to go over to his place often to play games. he was also very kind. Thats how i know when someone is actually my friend.


Yesterday I was reminded that someone who claimed to be my best friend was indeed, not. I was chatting with her on the phone when she said out of the blue 'Gabriel, you're a good friend, but you cannot compare to my boyfriend Meir, and you dont stand a chance. She then proceeded to tell me that when she marries this 'Meir' she wants to cut all communication with me, and has forbid me from attending her wedding.

To make it worse, we had a three-line with a mutual friend when me and this 'best friend' got into an argument concerning Family Guy. I was knew I was right, and she kept persisting. At some point, the idea of being 'happy' was brought up and she said to our mutual friend 'Gabriel has a fucked up life, and isnt happy, I'm more happy than he is!'

I hung up and ranted to myself for well over two hours, when she called back and said 'you know I'm right, Gabriel, so there isnt any reason to be upset.' I hung up again.

I've known her for over 5 years, and never has she acted this way. I think its because she is embracing a cold and intolerant religion that preaches separation and callous feelings towards the opposite sex (with the exception of one's wife/husband.)



I dont think you should worry about having friends. They come and go. So do family and lovers. But you always have yourself, no matter what. If people let you down I dont believe that makes them bad, cos everyone makes mistakes. But you gotta be prepared.


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I have 3 friends who are worth their weight in gold.
We don't see each other very often (my fault) but whenever shit hits fan...there they are. I feel blessed by them :biggrin:


When they are there for you and if they aren't they have good, understandable reasons. They show they care. You feel you can trust them and you feel safe with them.

I don't beleive there is the master list to trump all others about what constitutes a friend. You must ask yourself what you want in a friend, and make the definition yourself.
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