How does it work?

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    How do you enjoy life as it is? I am extremely lucky - I live in a developed country and have a decent job, a place to sleep and enough money to but food.

    But what really frustrates me is I just don't enjoy anything, or rather dont have the time to enjoy anything. Time poor?

    So my daily routine is:

    6:30AM - get up
    7:00 - commute to work
    8:00 - work
    6:00 - commute to home
    7:00 - gym
    8:00 - cook
    8:30 - clean
    9:00 - work
    10:00 - bed

    and repeat.

    On the weekend I get a little sleep in, but then work during the day.

    Now this isnt just me.... EVERYONE I know who has a job has the same routine.

    How is it meant to work?
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    hahah yeah, I kinda think the world we've built accidentally kills people. So if you're having a hard time with it, I think that just makes you a normal functional human animal. We aren't meant to do the same things every single day, and to be in such controlled settings, you know? We're supposed to be HUMAN. :)